Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Bill Gates goes full retard in correlating cryptocurrency use with people dying

It is a sad state of affairs when business moguls and Hollywood actors feel they can mandate changes to society simply because some members of the public may idolize these individuals for their work or accomplishments.  But as we have seen over the decades, celebrity opinions are often not for the benefit of society, but rather to support ideological agendas or in placating their own guilt trips.

One such individual is of course Bill Gates, who is best known for dropping out of college and accidentally revolutionizing the personal computing world through the purchase of an operating system license from a third party company.

Yet since his retirement from Microsoft, Gates has been extremely busy in what he calls 'humanitarian endeavors', but even these pursuits have not stopped the billionaire from using his influence to try to instigate changes to society, which now appear to include using propaganda to deter the growing cryptocurrency industry.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates has expressed major reservations about cryptocurrencies, warning that due to their use in the purchase of illegal dangerous drugs, crypto is actually killing people “in a fairly direct way.” 
During a Reddit ‘Ask Me Anything’ session on Tuesday – his sixth on the forum – Gates discussed various issues, from quantum computing, to how automation will affect society, and the technological advances he’s most looking forward to over the next decade. 
Then Redditer Askur1337 posed the question: “What’s your opinion on Crypto Currencies?” The tech billionaire responded with a word of caution, flagging his concerns over both anonymity of cybercurrencies and, more ominously, their role in “causing deaths.” 
Because of the anonymity it provides its users, cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin – unlike credit cards – can be used to buy fentanyl and other drugs on the dark web, Gates described it as “a rare technology that has caused deaths in a fairly direct way.” – Russia Today
You would think a 'highly intelligent' and successful businessman would come up with a much better reason to discount cryptocurrencies than this badly constructed straw man case of 'buying drugs anonymously', because the reality is, the dollar is used much more frequently in drug purchases than cryptocurrencies are, and the banks themselves make a killing on the laundering of money for the drug cartels.

Like with recent reports from both Bank of America and JP Morgan, the elite despise cryptocurrencies because they are a threat to their financial controls.  And thus Bill Gates is simply another Meryl Streep type celebrity who believes their opinion should dictate policy over the lives of people who want little more than to make their own choices.


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