Monday, February 5, 2018

As Bitcoin crashes below $7000 per coin, the usual suspects are calling for you to sell your gold and buy the cryptocurrency with both hands

Cryptocurrency mania cannot be described under the same auspices of previous bubbles where that definition would only apply when every 'cab driver' and 'shoeshine boy' was giving out advice.  And this is because cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum come with a very viable complement known as the Blockchain, which itself will revolutionize finance for the distant future.

However that appears to be where the dissimilarities end as the myriad of 'Bitcoin evangelists' all across the spectrum are still pushing everyone to buy cryptocurrencies despite the fact that they are engaged in a correction/collapse that has seen between 70-80% of their value fall in just the past 45 days.

Two of these cryptocurrency advocates are what we might deem the 'usual suspects', and over the past weekend they came out with guidance and forecasts that the Bitcoin price will bounce back to around $14,000 by next week, and even $64,000 per coin by April of this year.

Bix Weir:  “Sell Your Gold And Buy As Many Cryptos As You Can”
In this latest update, Bix says that this attack on crypto has been planned well before Bitcoins run to $20,000. 
Bix also issues a warning in his latest update: Bix says if anybody has any crypto that has exposure to a “third party”, then get it out. 
Bix says any third party between you and your crypto is unsafe. 
Bix recommends anybody who has any additional money to get in to the cryptocurrency market now. 
He says “it’s always darkest before the dawn”. – Silver Doctors
Cliff High:  Bitcoin Will Reach 64k by April, 2018 Prediction

In light of their (cryptocurrency) activity over the past 45 days, we will let you be the judge on the validity of these forecasts.


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