Thursday, January 25, 2018

Like your way into cryptocurrency as company On-Line Blockchain wants to pay viewers for giving thumbs up to social media posts

Well, perhaps it took a little bit longer than expected but a company named On-Line Blockchain wants to tokenize your social media thoughts.

In fact the newest scheme to turn everything into a cryptocurrency bonanza involves paying individuals to simply Like a given post or article on their social media platforms, while at the same time trying to use the blockchain to ferret out what they consider 'fake news'.

A NEW social media cryptocurrency could allow you to get paid for earning Facebook likes while combating fake accounts without any extra effort, an On-line Blockchain CEO and financial author claims. 
Entrepreneur Clem Chambers has released the groundbreaking social media cryptocurrency which could allow social media users to earn money for viral posts and reward online engagement while fighting against fake accounts. 
He said: “The blockchain is a very real thing and if you look at the internet you’ve never seen so much fake stuff in all your life; fake followers, fake views, fake IDs, fake Twitter accounts, fake news. 
“There has never been more 'fake' out there and the blockchain gives you gives the ability for people to actually socially validate what they read and what they like.” – UK Express


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