Saturday, October 14, 2017

Just as the 2008 financial crisis took place overnight, so too will gold prices be repriced without warning

In October of 2008, the global financial system collapsed overnight, and has required a decade's worth of bailouts, quantitative easing, and market interventions to keep the dying man afloat.  And in addition, it has taken continuous manipulation of currencies and commodities to protect the dollar from losing what little confidence it had left at the end of 2009.

Which means that all technical analysis and trends forecasting cannot determine a specific time frame for an event to occur, but instead any predictions primarily fall along the lines of inevitability.  In fact you can see this now by how many fund managers are simply bailing out of the markets because they believe equities have reached levels of unsustainability, but at the same time they and other investors refuse to short these stocks because they know from half a decade's worth of experience that the Fed will intervene every time there is a slight pullback.

Thus nearly everyone, including the Fed behind closed doors, knows the system is insolvent and could crash at any time.  And it is this Damocles Sword that is held only by a thin string over the entire financial system that makes it both difficult and imperative to be prepared for the paradigm to shift in all facets in little more than a single night.

Over the past few months we have written articles showing that central banks are buying gold at record levels, nations and peoples who haven't owned gold in nearly 50 years are suddenly doing so, and the transitioning Petrodollar system is hailing a return of a gold standard through the energy markets.  And all that is required for gold to swiftly and suddenly be repriced higher is a singular event that changes everything overnight, just as everything changed in a single weekend back in 2008.

In a interview you can find in the link below, commodities fund manager and financial analyst Willem Middlekoop lays out the warning that everything is about to change, and it will occur in a single day when no least expects it.  And more importantly, that day is coming very, very soon.


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