Sunday, October 1, 2017

Billionaire analyst sees China's oil for Yuan/gold gambit could force U.S. empire into a global war

The 21st century has been one where the American empire has used a combination of overt and covert operations to take out any country or leader who dared to threaten the Petrodollar and dollar hegemony.  From the Iraq war and the assassination of Saddam Hussein, to the same with Muammar Gaddafi in Libya, as well as the arming and funding of radical groups such as Svoboda in Ukraine and ISIS in Syria, it should come as no surprise that even the new President is carrying on with this policy against Iran, North Korea, and also Venezuela early in his administration.

At the heart of all of these unlawful conflicts against sovereign entities is the all-out need to protect the dollar as the global reserve currency.  Because without the ability to force nations into using it as the primary means of settlement, the entire U.S. financial system would instantly implode due to untenable debt and leverage.

This of course leads us to China, and one of the two nations capable of standing up to the U.S. economically and militarily.  And in a new interview over the weekend by Mexican billionaire and analyst Hugo-Salinas Price, should the Far Eastern power implement their hinted oil for Yuan scheme, it could force the Empire into a a global war since the U.S. will suddenly find itself with everything to lose.

I have by chance been reading, this evening, a remarkable book by Garet Garrett, “The Burden of Empire”. It was written in the early fifties. Truly, an extraordinary book. And now, I see the conclusion of the US Empire at hand: if China does indeed begin to use gold to persuade its oil suppliers to send their oil to China, to be paid in gold, as that will spell the end of the American Empire. 
This fact will surely not be un-recognized by the Pentagon, who are the moving force of the Empire. Thus, I fear that the Chinese move – IF IT BECOMES A REALITY – may ignite WW III, as the desperate attempt by the US military to retain the role of US as World Empire. Which would mean the utter devastation of the US by Russia and China combined. We shall soon see what takes place – gold for oil, Yes or No? - King World News


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