Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Following President Trump's war on the NFL, the league posts a job ad looking for a proverbial 'Chief of Propaganda'

The National Football League, or as the NFL leadership likes to refer to themselves also as, 'The Shield', is suddenly finding themselves on the wrong side of the public following years of unstoppable growth.  And now with President Trump using his bully pulpit of populist followers to place the league front and center in the ongoing game of race division, the NFL has suddenly decided to put out a job ad looking for... for better lack of the term, a Chief of Propaganda.

As the NFL's feud with President Trump continues to dominate headlines, a feud which has effectively turned ESPN into a politically-themed talk show, the league has decided to recruit additional talent to "provide crisis communications counsel to leagues executives."  Per a job listing posted to Daybook, the NFL says they're looking for a "Senior Communications Strategist" to be based out of New York City who can assist with "crisis communications" and "devise a strategy and long term vision to strategically position the NFL in the sports marketplace."  Here are some highlights: 
The senior communications strategist will be responsible for proactively developing plans and strategies aimed at publicly positioning the NFL to key audiences through all communication channels, both traditional and emerging media. They will work closely with communications department leadership to create messaging to reflect the league's wide variety of priorities and expedite organizational decision-making. 
Additionally, the strategist will: 
  •  Provide crisis communications counsel to leagues executives.
  • Devise strategy and long term vision to strategically position the NFL in the sports marketplace.
  • Provide guidance to senior leadership, including executive vice presidents and COO to achieve desired reputational results and develop metrics to measure success.
So, what kind of skills are required for such a position?  Well, you'll need to be an "expert" in "storytelling" and you'll need to be "comfortable working in a diverse environment"...so, no Trump-supporting racists allowed, please.
Required Education and Experience: 
  • Bachelor's degree in related field and a minimum of 8+ years of experience in communications or journalism with expertise in storytelling, issue management and long term planning
  • Successfully demonstrated ability to lead, participate in, and support cross-departmental activities.
  • Strong written and verbal communications skills, excellent organizational skills and strong interpersonal skills.
Excellent working knowledge of the PR field including documented experience working in public, fast paced, high-pressure situations. - Zerohedge
In recent years, and especially under the leadership of Roger Goodell, the NFL has been crucified by one PR blunder after another, including having to settle a lawsuit that condemned the league for covering up information on concussions and their ramifications for players once they retire.

While the recent slew of protests by NFL players and owners over hyped up charges of racism and division have very much cut into the league's bottom line, what is most telling is that the fear that is emanating from league offices appears to be quite real, and is being validated today by their need to hire a Communications Strategist who is an expert at 'telling stories' and pushing propaganda.


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