Saturday, September 9, 2017

Bitcoin ransoms are back as Equifax hackers demand millions in Bitcoin for consumer data

No matter how much truth is provided to the public on how Bitcoin is simply a de-centralized medium of exchange no different than the dollar or Euro, as long as the hacker community continues to publicly call for ransoms to be paid in the cryptocurrency, the media and governments can play this card against Bitcoin to the hilt.  And while the stigma of the last global hack known as Ransomware has pretty much fallen off the radar, the newest cyber-attack against Equifax threatens to pull it back into the spotlight now that hackers who are alleged to have stolen the data are demanding a ransom made in you guessed it...


The recent hack of Equifax has created widespread concern among many Americans, as the hack has apparently exposed the private information of more than 143 million people. 
The hackers have now made a ransom demand, stating on a Darkweb site that they will delete the data for a ransom payment of 600 BTC, worth approximately $2.6 mln. The demand said that if they do not receive the funds from Equifax by September 15th, they will publicize the data. 
In the ransom demand the hackers said:
"We are two people trying to solve our lives and those of our families. We did not expect to get as much information as we did, nor do we want to affect any citizen. But we need to monetize the information as soon as possible.” - Coin Telegraph


About time to create Block Chain Identity information; completely reset of all identity information (short of a chip, what you have (phone), what you know (password), physical (retina scan, DNA...); the current identity authorization/access is antiquated. USA needs to reset and define new paradigms at multiple levels...innovate fast! This Ransom BS needs to stop.

You can create that block chain -- I'm not sure who would use it though.

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