Sunday, August 27, 2017

Fed Prostitutes: Following their terms as Chairman both Greenspan and Bernanke flip-flop to become gold and cryptocurrency advocates

It has been said that politics is the second oldest profession. I have learned that it bears a striking resemblance to the first. – Ronald Reagan

That first profession of course is that of prostitution.  And on Aug. 27 we can now add former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke to this group as the man who swore by debt, QE, and fiat currencies  when he ran the country's monetary system is suddenly changing sides by accepting an invitation to be the keynote speaker at a Blockchain and Banking conference.

As CoinTelegraph reports, in an interesting turn of events, former chairman of the Federal Reserve Ben Bernanke, will be the keynote speaker at a Blockchain and banking conference in October hosted by Ripple.
Ironically Bernanke is not the only recent former Chairman of the Fed to turn away from his proselytizing of the fiat currency system.  In fact the biggest hypocrite is none other than Alan Greenspan, who has been trying to resurrect his legacy following the 2008 financial bubble and crisis by harping on the benefits of gold.
Alan Greenspan , the “Maestro” of fiat money and one of the most prolific fiat money printers that the world has ever seen has entered into this bizarre alternative reality and is yes, now once again a gold bug! 
It appears, that either he has once again found “religion”, or he was just full of it during his time at the FED and was only pandering to Wall Street, attempting to appease them. He did this likely for his own profit, as he is once again returning to his past beliefs. - Valuewalk
It is a sad thing, but perhaps it is apropos that economists have a unique understanding of the economics of prostitution, and that if done through the political system can be profitable in both civil service, and then again later in the private sector.  And we must give homage to two of the biggest con-men to ever run the global monetary system as it appears they knew at the time that the system was fake, and now are trying to profit from calling for a return to de-centralized money.


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