Saturday, August 26, 2017

A whopper of a crypto as Russian Burger Kings plan to create their own cryptocurrency

Where cryptocurrency advocates have said on more than a few occasions that blockchain technologies would come to change the entirety of finance, it is beginning to appear more and more that they weren't mistaken.  And while there are now cryptocurrency tokens for gold, real estate, and acting in lieu of stock certificates, on Aug, 22 a Russian conglomerate who runs the majority of Burger King restaurants in the Eurasian country announced they have created a cryptocurrency specifically for the fast food franchise.

Welcome to the WhopperCoin.

According to New York Magazine (via local Russian news reports), the Russian subdivision of Burger King has launched its own cryptocurrency, aptly called “Whoppercoin.” 
The Whoppercoin launched in tandem with a new loyalty program. For each Whopper burger customers purchase, they'll receive one Whoppercoin in a special cryptocurrency wallet. While the coins’ wider use is unclear, some reports suggest that the Whoppercoin will be accepted as payment at Burger Kings across Russia. 
The introduction of the Whoppercoin on August 22 follows reports earlier this summer that Burger King Russia would be accepting bitcoin as payment. Burger King has reportedly issued one billion Whoppercoin tokens to date on Waves Platform, though it is possible that there will be more to come. - Fortune


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