Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Gold buyers still ignorant of physical market as traders pile into S&P paper gold at record levels

When a paradigm belief is strong, very little will ever change the minds of those held within its thrall.  And a great example of this is how U.S. and Western investors continue to trust in paper assets rather than trading in physical commodities that have real tangible value.

Last month the Shanghai Gold Exchange ushered in a new era for gold by declaring the first new price discovery mechanism in over 100 years.  And while the SGE established itself upon a foundation of physical gold, record numbers of investors in the West continue to buy paper gold through stock market ETF's rather than buying physical gold which they can be sure is in their hands, and not under the authority of known criminals and convicted manipulators.

Investors are piling back into gold, and they're coming in droves. 
Holdings in SPDR Gold Shares, the world's largest exchange-traded fund backed by gold, surged 20.8 metric tons on Monday, the biggest one-day expansion since 2011, data compiled by Bloomberg show. 
About $7.1 billion in new money poured into SPDR Gold this year, the most of any ETF tracked by Bloomberg around the world, as holdings soared to the highest since 2013. - Salt Lake Tribune
Perhaps the most substantial difference between paper gold owners, and those who own physical gold, is that they choose to ignore the incredible manipulation that takes place by the bullion banks in the paper gold market.  In fact, last month Deutsche Bank publicly announced they were guilty of manipulating gold prices through the London Gold Fix, and the U.S. Comex has little actual gold, with more than 500 paper contract demands tied to every individual ounce of gold held in their vaults.

Which means that investors own meaningless paper, and simply a promise to deliver gold, rather than actual gold itself.

Gold: If you don't hold it, you don't own it.


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