Tuesday, April 12, 2016

U.S. becoming desperate to hold on to their power over global financial system

Empires and the elite never relinquish power easily, and are often willing to cause extreme harm to the system itself to try to hold onto their control.  And while we have seen this exhibited over the past few years in the form of economic sanctions (Russia), tariffs (China), sovereign overthrows (Libya, Syria, Ukraine), and secret trade agreements (TPP, TTIP), the fact of the matter is the world is in cyclical sea change which is very similar to previous times when empires like that of France and Britain lost their control to a new power.
Yet it appears that most of these offensive maneuvers by the United States against growing economic, political, and military powers are no longer working as Washington desires, and the administration is now resorting to begging to try to remain as top dog in dictating monetary policy.


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