Monday, April 4, 2016

There is no longer a path to retirement unless you make it happen

Before the U.S. chose to engage in a path of monetary inflation starting in the 1960's, retirement was not a difficult endeavor for most Americans since the cost of goods and services were comparable to the monthly allocation of pension benefits and social security.  However, when these two things began to disconnect a decade later, it became almost a necessity for an individual to start investing early in the markets or in assets that could provide a return feasible to counter price inflation that has been almost non-stop for 50 years.

But with the central bank embarking on a more aggressive policy of monetary expansion to purposely increase the amount of inflation in the economy, it appears that for the American people we have reached a point of no return, and the dream of a comfortable retirement without incredible intervention by the individual themselves is pretty much done.

Graphic courtesy of Jim Quinn, Burning Platform
In fact, the number of full-time workers over the age of 55 numbered only 11 million in 2000, representing 18.6% of the over 55 population. Today, over 21 million full-time employed over 55 year olds, represent close to 25% of the rapidly growing over 55 year old category. 
Boomers aren’t retiring en mass because they can’t afford to retire. The labor participation rate of the younger generations is being negatively impacted by the non-retirement of Boomers. This is called the trickle down effect from unintended consequences. The establishment has strip mined the wealth of the country, leaving a barren wasteland in its wake, creating a seething populace, seeking perpetrators to blame. The populist uprising which propels Trump and Sanders has been spurred by the destruction of the working middle class as the corporate fascists, global elite, and banking cabal have pushed their game of financialization roulette to its limit. - Burning Platform


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