Sunday, July 19, 2015

As Germany attempts to crucify Greece, their biggest bank is now under investigation for money laundering

Throughout the entire Greek crisis, German Finance Minister Schaeuble has been front and center in trying to hold a hard line against the Southern European country whom he believes should be given no mercy for the hundreds of billions of dollars worth of loans that went into the coffers of his and other banks, and not the Greek people.  In fact, the majority of the money Greece owes to creditors was not through any fault of their own, but as a result of a forced bank bailout made to institutions outside of Greece.
So while the German Finance Minister continues to pretend to be the arbiter of fiscal responsibility for Europe, on July 16 three new investigations began against Germany’s largest bank, which pertain to money laundering charges that have arisen amidst the sanctions the West has imposed on Russia.


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