Saturday, May 2, 2015

Karatbars is one of the best options for fixed income and retirement accounts

There are many retirees, 401K and mutual fund owners, and those on fixed income instruments who have seen large portions of their wealth disappear since the 2007 housing bubble collapse, 2008 credit crisis and stock market decline, and war on savings and bonds that have come out of Wall Street activity, and Federal Reserve meddling.  And while the West does it's best to keep people from recognizing gold and silver as the most viable investment option for the coming dollar collapse and monetary hyper-inflation, there is one company that solves nearly every financial need for retirement, and gives customers the opportunity to not only purchase gold at affordable prices, but earn an income that will pay for that gold, and your retirement all in one.

In prior posts we have talked about the power of Karatbars to secure your wealth against the mechanisms of Western central banks, and a devaluing dollar, but how can the company benefit you as a retirement instrument?

The U.S. government helped create retirement and pension vehicles over the past 30 years that were not in the interests of workers and investors, but predicated towards directing trillions of dollars onto Wall Street where they could earn much greater commissions from betting on safe or risky investments.  And whether you have a 401K, IRA, or mutual fund, annuity, or bond fund, your savings and growth is not necessarily tied to the investment itself, but in the fact that over the past 40 years, the currency in which all those investments are based upon has lost you money year after year through dollar devaluation.

Which is primarily why much of the world is beginning to leave the dollar and look towards a return to a form of gold backed money.  In fact, an under the headlines report from China's Gold Association last week hinted at the fact that once the Silk Road project is fully up and running, and the multitude of free trade zone agreement are in place, the currency that will be used in over 65 countries and for over 4.4 billion people will be gold in the form of a trade note, or a new currency.

So with this in mind, how exactly can your retirement funds not only be protected from inflation, confiscation, or the inevitable decline in the dollar, and where transferring your retirement instruments into cash is not only time consuming and sometimes difficult, but costly when it comes to taxes or early withdrawals?

That protection is one of the staples of Karatbars.  Signing up as a customer or affiliate not only allows you to purchase physical gold to have it delivered to you or stored for free in one of their three global vaults, but anyone you sign up to purchase gold or become and affiliate will give you commissions on every gram or package they buy, and the ability in your offshore back office e-wallet (similar to an offshore bank account only out of the view of FACTA, the IRS, and banking system), to liquidate your gold into dollars, euro's, or ANY currency without paying an early withdrawal penalty.

In addition, Karatbars will provide you a debit MasterCard that you can pre-load from your e-wallet at anytime, and is usable anywhere around that the world that MasterCard is accepted, even at ATM's inside the U.S. and elsewhere.

The indicators are screaming of a coming collapse to the dollar and stock markets, as well as the fact that municipal and government bonds all around the world have been providing you a near zero rate of return over the past six years.  And with banks now very close to charging you money for holding it in a checking, savings, or other money market accounts, getting ahead of the game and the coming new global financial system that will be tied to gold, not the dollar reserve currency, is not only the real answer to protecting your retirement funds, but in actually preparing and getting ahead of the game when the transition away from the dollar and dollar based investments occurs.

What is Karatbars by the CEO:

You can find out more about Karatbars, and signing up for a free account by clicking this link:  or the Karatbars logo on the main page of this website.


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