Saturday, May 2, 2015

I.R.S. continues to be the arm of the war on cash as agency steals money from convenience store owner

It is not only banks that have declared a war on cash, but for years now the government has instituted illegal policies and used its muscle to intimidate and steal from individuals and business owners who simply prefer to transact in legal tender.  And in a new and absurd occurrence that took place, the Internal Revenue Service took (stole) money tied to a convenience store owner simply because his deposits ‘appeared’ to be tied to some unknown criminal activity that the business owner has yet to be cited for, or charged with.
Using the ‘War on Drugs’ spurious law known as Civil Forfeiture, the tax agency seized $107,702 from Lyndon McLellan simply because his nightly deposits were below the $10000 reporting threshold, and gave the appearance of being the proceeds of some illegal activity like perhaps selling sodas and candy bars.


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