Monday, May 18, 2015

Europe looks East by hiring better educated Chinese workers to get foothold in future economy

It is pretty much a given that the American empire had peaked in the 20th century and is on the steep path of decline.  While at the same time, China is rising in ascension towards becoming the next leader of the global economy.  Yet besides the shocking move by most European countries in joining the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) in April, it appears another shift is taking place, and lays bare just how rotten America’s education system has become.
In the West, it is often found that companies use former military officers and politicians as their key to getting government contracts and beneficial legislation to profit and grow in their core businesses.  But what is now showing up in China, as the Far Eastern economic power sends its financial tentacles to every continent, is that companies, especially in places like France and the EU, are hiring engineers and top talent from China as not only a means to get connections with Beijing, but to also find extraordinary workers that no longer come out of Western universities.


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