Friday, April 10, 2015

Karatbars: The solution to today's economic and monetary problems

If you read financial or economic news in today's mainstream and alternative medias, even on this site, you realize that there is much more pessimism than optimism being reported, and that the writing is on the wall for some real fundamental change to occur in both the U.S. and the overall global financial system.

But despite what the talking head and propagandists on CNBC say about the false economic data coming from the government, and what trends forecasters say is inevitable for all peoples in the near future, what we all really need are answers and solutions to the current and coming problems, and a way to not just survive from what is to come, but to come out ahead.

And out of all the different companies I, and many financial professionals have vetted, none can achieve for you what Karatbars can in not only protecting your wealth, but in also ensuring you are protected when the dollar changes or ends, and to allow you to build your own business that can protect you forever more from layoff cycles, and working at the behest of someone else.

Karatbars: Gold Savings Program and So Much More

Many of us have careers, businesses, or investments that reside in the dollar backed system, or paper traded markets.  And since the Credit Crisis of 2008, bank bail-in laws under Dodd-Frank, and massive expansion of the money supplies in the U.S., Japan, and just today, Europe, nearly all currencies and economies now rely upon debt by central banks to keep the system from collapse.
Most fully vetted financial planners will tell you that the best way to protect and grow your assets is to diversify.  But if all of those investments are based on dollars (Stocks, Bonds, Annuities, etc…) then you are not really diversifying, but simply buying the same paper investment with a different title.
The world is now in a global currency war, with central banks printing excessive amounts of currency and governments borrowing excessive amounts of debt.  And with every single country using a purely fiat currency as their form of money, the historic inevitability is that they will collapse, with no exceptions.
All forms of money but one… Gold.

In the past, brokers and financial advisors suggested that investors purchase between 5 and 20% of their portfolio in a precious metal such as gold or silver.  But with two huge paradigm shifts taking place right now in China and Eurasia, that percentage may need to be much higher, especially in lieu of the next global reserve currency being backed by gold.

So the question then becomes, how should we invest in, or purchase gold that would be both safe and recognizable anywhere in the world?  The options of course are:
1.       Purchase gold and silver from a local coin shop or dealer, but this would require the means to store it locally and protect it from thieves.
2.       Purchase gold and silver from a large broker, and then pay to have it stored in a vault onsite, or offshore where you would have difficulty liquidating it, and it would cost you over time to have a third party store it for you.  Additionally, the U.S. government has already in its history (1933) confiscated physical gold, and any bank, safety deposit box, and most (emphasis on most) vaults are now under I.R.S. regulation due to FACTA.
3.      Karatbars.  A new way to buy gold and have it delivered to you, or stored in an offshore vault that is accessible 24 hours per day, able to be liquidated into dollars or any other global currency, loaded into a Mastercard you can use anywhere in the world at any time, and best of all…
Has an affiliate program where you can get paid to purchase gold, and receive commissions on anyone you sign up who buys gold.
This is business model of the future in the financial realm and in the new way of buying gold and having complete control and access to it while at the same time, using the company’s model to build a business from it.  And unlike many other relationship marketing companies in which you and your affiliates buy products that are used and done with when empty, this opportunity compliments those who already make a good living in a product based company by giving you an outlet to invest your proceeds and revenues and to also create new revenue streams while building your own store of wealth.
There are 7 different ways to make money in Karatbars, and one of the most fruitful and easiest requires finding two customers who wish to be affiliates and get them to find an aspect of Karatbars they want or need.  From simply being able to purchase gold and have it delivered or stored offshore, to having access to a global Mastercard that you can pre-load with up to $1 million, to building a 5-6-7 digit annual income that only requires finding two people to start a downline, the possibilities and solutions to many people’s needs are right here.
Check out this Video on just one of the seven different ways to earn income and build a business with Karatbars, starting with only two people and around $350 to purchase your package. And that cost really is about it, minus whatever you want to spend in the way of gold purchases on your own to grow wealth, and protect yourself against the dollar and other devaluing currencies.
For those who have been a part of Network Marketing, and understand how companies are now multi-national and global in scope and mission, Karatbars is a perfect complement to your business.  And if you travel, or even plan on permanently moving out of the country you’re in, the functionality of Karatbars as your own bank and one stop pre-loaded credit card that is usable anywhere, anytime, makes you an international player, and protected against consequences of currency devaluation, central bank policies, and internal monetary collapses.
Cyprus – Banking collapse and bail-in – 2010
Austria – Bank collapse and bail-in – 2015
Ukraine – Sudden collapse of currency – 2015
Venezuela and Argentine – Massive inflation and capital controls
U.S. – FACTA and regulations on bank deposits allowing for Bail-in upon next banking crisis – Jan. 2014
Gold – Has increased in value against every currency in the world since 2004, and was the best investment in every country but the U.S. in 2014.
To sign-up as an affiliate and join Karatbars, you can click on this link here, or you can contact me at to learn more and find out how Karatbars can secure your future.


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