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Monday, April 27, 2015

Greece upgrades capital controls to now confiscating bank deposits... got Karatbars?

After laying down a series of capital controls in Greece, primarily that of the Greek legislature decreeing that all excess cash in banks be transferred directly to the central bank, the next phase of Syriza's domestic war on money was enacted on April 25 as authorities are now confiscating deposits of anyone deemed to be in shortfall of their tax obligations.

No hearing, no trial... just a freezing and taking of assets if their money is stored in a bank and they are determined to owe the state an obligation.

As the country’s finances reach a critical point, tax authorities have started seizing the deposits of small debtors, Kathimerini understands.

No figures were available regarding the new crackdown but cases of debtors targeted included a citizen with a debt of just 200 euros, Kathimerini understands.

The bank account of the man in question was frozen and then reopened once it was established that he had paid his dues. In several cases, including that of a citizen with a debt of 24,000 euros, bailiffs are said to have used threats to secure the cash. The initiative comes as efforts to crack down on rich Greeks with tax debts make slow progress. - Ekathimenrini

Reliance on governments, banks, and currencies has become a fool's errand, and anyone who by now is entrusting their wealth to paper assets in a proxy controlled institution will lose it all, or soon have it devalued to pennies on the dollar.

We do not necessarily have to cite the multiple instances of government wealth destruction that has taken place in Cyprus through bail-ins, Switzerland through capital controls on withdrawing your money, Japan in transferring their pensions to buy U.S. debt, and now Greece in summarily confiscating funds and accounts, but if anyone had a doubt that it is coming to America and the rest of Europe, the facts are without dispute.

U.S. Cops Use Traffic Stops To Seize Millions From Drivers Never Charged With A Crime

There are a few ways for you to protect your assets and your wealth, and at the top of the list is Karatbars.  Not only can you have physical gold delivered to your home, but you can also choose to store it offshore for free in one of Karatbar's three vaults worldwide.  Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, Karatbars offers affiliates and customers a virtual offshore bank account through a back office e-wallet, that can be accessed and uploaded to a pre-loaded MasterCard for use in any currency, and anywhere around the world.

And since Karatbars is not registered as a bank, the are not subject to U.S. FACTA laws which force countries to provide the names and amount of money they have offshore to the I.R.S..

Our grandparents during the 1930's found out how detrimental it is to trust in banks and safety deposit boxes when the government issued a two week holiday, and confiscated their gold stored in these institutions.  And with the passage of Dodd-Frank in 2010, the means and the laws are on the side of government to do this once again.

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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Ultimate consequence of education bubble taking shape as LSU prepares for bankruptcy

Like the bond bubbles, housing bubbles, and credit crisis of the last seven years, anytime economics are manipulated beyond the normal scope of market reactions, the results are the consequences that ultimately lead to a collapse or popping of that bubble.  And now the same can be said for education as on April 26, the first major victim of the debt fueled bubble that started with President Obama taking over the functions of Sallie Mae in 2010 is occurring in the state of Louisiana, and with football powerhouse LSU as the university announced they were preparing bankruptcy documents in light of the state’s planning to cut the sector’s education budget by nearly 87%.

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Is the IMF trying to beat China in the creation of a new reserve currency?

Earlier this year, China announced that they will have their new SWIFT system fully functional by either September or October and can then fully float the Yuan currency worldwide.  Many are believing that once SWIFT is up for the world’s largest economy then it will be the end of the dollar as the global reserve currency.
However, a new report out from Stansberry Research is alleging that the IMF is not planning on sitting idly by while the East wrests control from them over the global monetary system, and could be finalizing plans of their own to replace the dollar before China does, and if so it would probably be in the form of the Special Drawing Rights (SDR) currency.

U.S. financial police nab scapegoat trader to protect continued manipulation by HFT systems

In the middle of 2014, the world finally got a look at how brokers and hedge funds manipulate the stock markets through High Frequency Trading (HFT) computers that see every trade before it happens, and can submit billions of trades before the regular investor’s request is filled.  The outlay of this fraud was described in the fictional novel by Michael Lewis titled, Flash Boys, and led to a full blown propaganda campaign by brokers and the mainstream media to discredit Lewis’s assertion that the entire market is rigged.
But within all of this were the traders who actually knew for a long time that computer algorithms were at the top of the market food chain, and one trader in particular, Nav Sarao, not only learned how to analyze these algo’s but he also discovered how to use them to profit on his own by following their trends and patterns.
Which of course is why the CFTC on April 21 decided to indict the foreign national who dared profit from their own fraudulent mechanisms and attempt to make him the scapegoat to turn the public’s eye away from the real wizard behind the curtain.

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J.P. Morgan Chase accelerates war on cash by disallowing customers to keep money in safety deposit boxes

First it was a policy of reporting anyone who deposits or withdrawals more than $10,000 in cash.  Then a chief economist from Citigroup calls for the abolishment of cash entirely.  And now on April 21, J.P. Morgan Chase is unlawfully enacting a new policy where customers cannot store cash in their safety deposit boxes, nor will the bank allow customers to use cash to pay on debts such as credit cards, mortgages, equity lines, and auto loans.
There is a war on cash going on in the U.S. banking system, and at the heart is the desperate need for the financial system to go entirely electronic since manipulation of the monetary system can only be fully employed if the banks no longer need physical money on deposit or onsite.

Monday, April 20, 2015

New Greek capital controls shows why Karatbars is the solution to banks

As the Greek financial situation continues to deteriorate, their legislature on April 20 issued a new decree that forces all banks in the EU country to deposit all non-used cash into the central bank to both strengthen the primary lender of last resort, and to provide a means for Greece to leverage additional capital to issue more debt.
Greece issued a legislative act on Monday requiring public sector entities to transfer idle cash reserves to the country’s central bank, as part of efforts to deal with a cash squeeze. Greece has been tapping into the cash reserves of pension funds and public sector entities through repo transactions as it scrambles to cover its funding needs.
Monday’s act excludes pension funds and some state-owned firms. Cash reserves that are needed by these bodies for their immediate payment needs are also excluded from the regulation. – Reuters via Zerohedge

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Obama denies China’s right to determine laws for future of global economy

Despite the resounding rejection of the U.S. and the West’s monetary institutions by 57 major economies earlier this month, President Obama is choosing to double down on the failing empire by stating that it is America, not China, who should determine the future of the global economic system and write the laws that will function in the next monetary system.  In fact, the President’s strong words come at a time when his administration is trying to push through a new Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) that will give unprecedented power to multi-national corporations, and seek to put sovereign economies under the authority of private institutions.

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If it wasn’t for America’s vassal state Japan, only the Fed would be buying U.S. debt

When China and Russia stopped buying U.S. debt and began dumping it through the offshore exchange known as Euroclear, the Fed needed someone else to step in to mitigate a complete monetization of their money printing activity.  So Washington called upon their only remaining vassal state capable of sucking new Treasury sales and conned Japan into replacing their pension funds with T-Bills.

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Citigroup’s Chief Economist blames cash, not central banks, for world’s monetary problems

It doesn’t really take that much to be an economist these days.  From the illustrious former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, to the Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman, living the dream of being a celebrity while at the same time destroying economies and monetary stability is par for the course in an era when those who get it right are considered crackpots, and those who feed the needs of the oligarchy are worshiped and adored.
So it should come as no surprise in 2015 that another ‘economist’ from the banking cabal should offer up a radical solution to deflect the perilous actions of central banks, and blame the people instead for the push towards economic collapse.  In an article penned by Citigroup’s Chief Economist Willem Buiter, the head analyst for a bank that nearly brought down the system just seven years ago, the ‘esteemed’ economist is suggesting that the real problem to the monetary system is the use of cash in the economy, and without it central banks wouldn’t have had to debase the currency through zero interest rates, and now, negative interest rates.
Never admitting of course, that if the central bank had not intervened in the first place over the past few decades, we would never have been in the situation the world’s monetary system is now.

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Repercussions of negative interest rates leave European banks paying homeowners

In the normal instance of a loan or mortgage, a person will borrow money from a bank at a certain agreed rate of interest over the course of an agreed amount of time.  However, in this new Keynsian world of negative interest rates, the tables are completely turned and we are now seeing European banks paying homeowners instead of receiving interest from them, for a mortgage held on property.
Welcome to Bizarro World.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Karatbars: The solution to today's economic and monetary problems

If you read financial or economic news in today's mainstream and alternative medias, even on this site, you realize that there is much more pessimism than optimism being reported, and that the writing is on the wall for some real fundamental change to occur in both the U.S. and the overall global financial system.

But despite what the talking head and propagandists on CNBC say about the false economic data coming from the government, and what trends forecasters say is inevitable for all peoples in the near future, what we all really need are answers and solutions to the current and coming problems, and a way to not just survive from what is to come, but to come out ahead.

And out of all the different companies I, and many financial professionals have vetted, none can achieve for you what Karatbars can in not only protecting your wealth, but in also ensuring you are protected when the dollar changes or ends, and to allow you to build your own business that can protect you forever more from layoff cycles, and working at the behest of someone else.

Karatbars: Gold Savings Program and So Much More

Many of us have careers, businesses, or investments that reside in the dollar backed system, or paper traded markets.  And since the Credit Crisis of 2008, bank bail-in laws under Dodd-Frank, and massive expansion of the money supplies in the U.S., Japan, and just today, Europe, nearly all currencies and economies now rely upon debt by central banks to keep the system from collapse.
Most fully vetted financial planners will tell you that the best way to protect and grow your assets is to diversify.  But if all of those investments are based on dollars (Stocks, Bonds, Annuities, etc…) then you are not really diversifying, but simply buying the same paper investment with a different title.
The world is now in a global currency war, with central banks printing excessive amounts of currency and governments borrowing excessive amounts of debt.  And with every single country using a purely fiat currency as their form of money, the historic inevitability is that they will collapse, with no exceptions.
All forms of money but one… Gold.

In the past, brokers and financial advisors suggested that investors purchase between 5 and 20% of their portfolio in a precious metal such as gold or silver.  But with two huge paradigm shifts taking place right now in China and Eurasia, that percentage may need to be much higher, especially in lieu of the next global reserve currency being backed by gold.

So the question then becomes, how should we invest in, or purchase gold that would be both safe and recognizable anywhere in the world?  The options of course are:
1.       Purchase gold and silver from a local coin shop or dealer, but this would require the means to store it locally and protect it from thieves.
2.       Purchase gold and silver from a large broker, and then pay to have it stored in a vault onsite, or offshore where you would have difficulty liquidating it, and it would cost you over time to have a third party store it for you.  Additionally, the U.S. government has already in its history (1933) confiscated physical gold, and any bank, safety deposit box, and most (emphasis on most) vaults are now under I.R.S. regulation due to FACTA.
3.      Karatbars.  A new way to buy gold and have it delivered to you, or stored in an offshore vault that is accessible 24 hours per day, able to be liquidated into dollars or any other global currency, loaded into a Mastercard you can use anywhere in the world at any time, and best of all…
Has an affiliate program where you can get paid to purchase gold, and receive commissions on anyone you sign up who buys gold.
This is business model of the future in the financial realm and in the new way of buying gold and having complete control and access to it while at the same time, using the company’s model to build a business from it.  And unlike many other relationship marketing companies in which you and your affiliates buy products that are used and done with when empty, this opportunity compliments those who already make a good living in a product based company by giving you an outlet to invest your proceeds and revenues and to also create new revenue streams while building your own store of wealth.
There are 7 different ways to make money in Karatbars, and one of the most fruitful and easiest requires finding two customers who wish to be affiliates and get them to find an aspect of Karatbars they want or need.  From simply being able to purchase gold and have it delivered or stored offshore, to having access to a global Mastercard that you can pre-load with up to $1 million, to building a 5-6-7 digit annual income that only requires finding two people to start a downline, the possibilities and solutions to many people’s needs are right here.
Check out this Video on just one of the seven different ways to earn income and build a business with Karatbars, starting with only two people and around $350 to purchase your package. And that cost really is about it, minus whatever you want to spend in the way of gold purchases on your own to grow wealth, and protect yourself against the dollar and other devaluing currencies.
For those who have been a part of Network Marketing, and understand how companies are now multi-national and global in scope and mission, Karatbars is a perfect complement to your business.  And if you travel, or even plan on permanently moving out of the country you’re in, the functionality of Karatbars as your own bank and one stop pre-loaded credit card that is usable anywhere, anytime, makes you an international player, and protected against consequences of currency devaluation, central bank policies, and internal monetary collapses.
Cyprus – Banking collapse and bail-in – 2010
Austria – Bank collapse and bail-in – 2015
Ukraine – Sudden collapse of currency – 2015
Venezuela and Argentine – Massive inflation and capital controls
U.S. – FACTA and regulations on bank deposits allowing for Bail-in upon next banking crisis – Jan. 2014
Gold – Has increased in value against every currency in the world since 2004, and was the best investment in every country but the U.S. in 2014.
To sign-up as an affiliate and join Karatbars, you can click on this link here, or you can contact me at to learn more and find out how Karatbars can secure your future.