Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Jobs for Jihadi’s: Sec of State office wants to help Muslim beheader’s find work

When a government office hires individuals based on cronyism or extreme ideologies like Socialism and Marxism, the result is quite often putting idiots and the insane in positions of power.  And not unlike the Victoria Nuland scandal which saw her openly aid in the unlawful overthrow of the duly elected government of Ukraine back in late 2013, a new State Department spokesperson may have done something far more idiotic.
On Feb. 17, State Department assistant Marie Huff told the liberal hack Chris Matthews on Hardball that destroying ISIS isn’t the answer to stopping the Islamic Caliphate, but instead they simply need to find job opportunities which will assuredly lead them to change their minds and no longer want to kill people or continue in their conquests.


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