Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Davos 2015 agenda item: Where can the elite go to hide from coming collapse

For years members of the Patriot movement and those who were intelligent enough to see the coming economic and social collapse have been ridiculed mercilessly by the media and even President Barack Obama (guns and bibles) for dedicating time, money, and energy towards building an offsite place of security, or as those in the know would call it, a bug-out location.  Additionally, the rise of the expatriate movement has seen record numbers of Americans voluntarily give up their citizenship and move elsewhere as the government became more fascist in ideology, and the courts have erased most of our Constitutional protections.
But something new we discovered this year from the annual Davos meeting in Switzerland is that it is not the ‘right-wing kooks’ who are preparing to run away from society and the potential of a coming social and economic meltdown, but the super-rich and elite as well who spent a good portion of their time at the event discussing among themselves the best locations to purchase land, farms, and security to help them escape from the backlash they see coming for their raping the people of their wealth, and for being integral parts of a system that has almost destroyed the once great economies of Europe and the U.S..


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