Monday, July 21, 2014

BRICS economic alliance creates plan for new political alliance

Global geo-politics are controlled today by a combination of the American empire, and a conglomeration of nation states that make up the European Union.  For more than 400 years, these Western powers have been instrumental in determining the destiny’s of 90% of the world, whether through colonialism, militarism, or economic dominion and trade.

But as the world has grown smaller thanks to technology and the ability to communicate information at the speed of light, former second world countries are finding the yoke of Western servitude to be not just stifling, but quite often, life threatening.  And in the midst of an era where the national interests of the U.S. and the EU quite often lead to political change and economic destruction within sovereign countries (Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Cyprus, Greece, etc…), these lesser nations are recognizing, and even hailing the advent of a new economic and political order, which would allow them to perform their sovereign duties as they see fit, and not through the compulsory demands of nations which see them simply as means for their own political ends.

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