Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Where does your state rank in highest or lowest income taxes

Now that the dreaded April 15 IRS filing date has come and gone, it is time to look at how each state fares in relation to each other in imposing income taxes upon the citizens of their dominions.  Taxes across the board have become a staple of government policy, with sales, property, excise, and other fees taking a large piece of American’s dwindling paychecks.
Here are the highest “taxing” states in the US:
  1. California 13.3%
  2. Hawaii 11%
  3. Oregon 9.9% (a, b)
  4. Minnesota 9.85%
  5. Iowa 8.98% (b)
  6. New Jersey 8.97% (a)
  7. Vermont 8.95% (tie)
  8. Washington, D.C. 8.95% (tie)
  9. New York 8.82% (a, c)
  10. Maine 7.95%


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