Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Unions try to portray themselves as nice guys with hug-a-thug booth at DNC

In a failed attempt to make unions look mainstream for Americans and American labor today, the AFL-CIO put together a Hug-A-Union Thug booth at the Democratic National Convention (DNC), in an attempt to spin their recent run of violence and failures in the Wisconsin and other states arouind the country.

Photo from the AFL-CIO

In Charlotte, people will be asked to “hug a union thug” at a CarolinaFest booth sponsored by the North Carolina State AFL-CIO the day before the Democratic National Convention officially begins. Also in honor of Monday, videos are being posted online thanking workers, while actors and athletes will use Twitter to express support for union rights.

The effort comes as labor has seen increased attacks from Republican-controlled state legislatures and governors since the 2010 elections. Unions were unsuccessful in their attempt earlier this summer to oust Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) after he pushed through legislation that curbed some public workers’ collective bargaining rights. - The Hill
Unions have a long history in America, and just as wide an evolution.  During the Samuel Gompers era of the 1880's and 90's, unions were vital in standing up for worker rights against the brutal slave tactics of Rockefeller and other corporate leaders.  As time moved forward, unions began to evolve into political machines, running such cities as New York (Tammany Hall) and Chicago (Daily Machine).

During the Great Depression, unions became associated with Communism and the Communist party, as depicted in literature such as In Dubious Battle by John Steinbeck.

Moving into the 1960's and 70's, unions began to take on a darker persona with their affiliations with organized crime, and politics.  The Jimmy Hoffa incident was a prime example of the ultimate goals of union leadership, which is money and political power.

In this decade, unions have become a stigma in the eyes of many Americans, especially during a time of massive unemployment since the credit crash of 2008.  The childish antics of union workers and teachers in Wisconsin, which led to millions of dollars worth of damage to public buildings, shows the lengths that unions will go to force taxpayers to pay massive salaries and benefits, even while they lose their homes and barely sustain a living in an era of high unemployment.

The Hug a Union Thug booth created at the 2012 DNC is not only a farce, but an open slap in the face to those who see unions more as thieves and robbers of economic and fiscal growth, than as simple workers who want to stand together against the power of corporate and government control over money and jobs.


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