Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Silver inventories shrinking as many banks refuse to supply metal for buyers

The silver train is leaving the station, and after months of manipulated pressure to keep prices down, the metal has made a strong comeback of over $5 in just the past month.  In fact, the pressure is becoming so great, banks such as Scotiabank are begging customers NOT to request delivery of physical silver, as the start reality is, many don't have the very assets they are selling.

Below is a video of a recent transaction for investors to by physical silver, and Scotiabank trying desperately to tell the brokers not to buy physcial silver, and that it is a bad investment for them.

In a recent interview with investor Jim Rogers, the billionaire commodities king believes that the Fed and Ben Bernanke are already pumping money into the system through and unannounced QE3, and this will lead both gold and silver to astronomical levels in the coming month.

The silver train is now leaving the station, and sadly, for all those people who tried to catch a falling knife, and hope silver dropped to $20 an ounce, your time for the deal of a the century at $27 is now long gone.


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