Thursday, September 6, 2012

$16 trillion: When money becomes meaningless to government spenders

If you first take $100 and multiply it by 100 you reach one fourth of the median income from American households.  If you then take that dollar amount ($10000) and multiply it by 100 you have reached a million.

Most people in life will never see that much money at one time, so to understand how large a trillion is like trying to read War and Peace in original Russian.  Even for someone with a dictionary, it is a feat that stretches the boundaries of their thinking capacity.

Now realize that the government spends nearly $4 trillion per year, and borrows almost half of that from the banks.  As the government continues to expand on the $16 trillion national debt, the true realization comes when you realize that with numbers this high, money becomes meaningless.

What $1 million looks like.

What $1 trillion looks like.

Welcome to the new norm, where government spending runs parallel to the numbers of stars discovered in a single galaxy.


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