Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Car company known for battery fires hires new CEO from company known for battery fires

It appears that in the world of alternative energy automobiles, leadership over the new and volatile technology is nothing more than a shell game.  On Aug 12, the Fisker automobile company, known recently for their car batteries catching fire, has hired a new CEO, who has his own track record of running a car company known for their car batteries catching on fire.

"Fisker Automotive named the former head of General Motors Co's (GM.N) Chevrolet Volt program as chief executive on Tuesday, marking the second time the troubled, government-funded start-up has replaced its top executive this year. Tony Posawatz, who oversaw the development of the Chevy Volt plug-in hybrid for six years before he left GM this summer, will replace outgoing CEO Tom LaSorda. - Reuters

The Federal government is not the only institution where the blind leads the blind.  Corporate America is full of faulty paradigms and 19th century thinking that has quickly lead to stagnation and loss of economic superiority in the world.

One must remember how far we have digressed.  America put a man on the moon using little more than a slide rule.  Today, we cannot build a working electric car battery with super computers and billions of dollars of taxpayer money.


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