Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Apple market value now greater than the other top five tech companies

During the 1990's, Yahoo, Microsoft, Dell, and HP ruled the tech world in both market cap value and revenues.  Apple was just a ghost during this decade, with a business model so rigid, only a few diehard Applebots clung to their products.

That market relationship has not only changed in the 21st century, but has gone full circle.  With Apple's new stock price rising over $666 per share, the market value of the risen Phoenix eclipses that of Microsoft, Google, HP, Dell, and Facebook combined.

Chart courtesy of John Aziz of Azizonomics
What is left out however from this picture is that Apple's revenues, when compared to the rest of the Tech companies, does not equate to the current share price.  The bottom line is, the stock markets no longer reflect any real fundamental value of companies, but rather the manipulation of stock prices through HFT, hedge funds, and free money pumped in by the Fed's PPT.


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