Monday, July 23, 2012

How the Second Amendment would have stopped Colorado shooting massacre

Almost like clockwork, the liberal activists, government agents, and mountpiece journalists immedately called for gun control over the American people after the July 19 shooting massacre in Colorado.  Not too mention, the coincidence of a gun event taking place just days from the U.N. Small Arms Treaty being signed by the United States.

However, just as the city of Kinnesaw, Georgia proves, citizens who carry guns according to their Second Amendment rights, not only deter gun crimes from happening, most very often, stop potential massacres from taking place.

Clint Eastwood?  Nope... just an average senior citizen with a concealed carry and the WILL to use it.

Imagine what would could have been stopped in 1930's Germany if every Jew had a mauser, 20 rounds of ammunition, and the WILL to use it?  Hitler would have been just a footnote in the annals of history.


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