Friday, June 15, 2012

To all the brave men and women who are soldiers

A friend of the Daily Economist wanted me to express the feelings and pride that is part of the brave, American soldier, and what their desire to serve this great nation means to them.  Both as individuals, and as a citizen who simply desires to do his duty, without the need of accolades, titles, or anything more than the love and respect of the people and country he serves.

Submitted by Chuck Webb:

                                       BRAVE MAN, A SOLDIER’S STORY

I am but a child, speaking of love, of peace. Being in harmony with all around me and yet you ask me to be a man. You ask me to go and fight a war I know nothing of, or no reason for. Brave man, I am told to serve my country, defend her freedoms and beliefs. But, whose freedom do I defend and who will defend me? I am but a boy.

Brave man, they say as I board the trains and busses and watch all I know click be with every turn of the wheel. My family, who defend me, friends who scream “traitor” and baby killer in anger. I am torn. I do not feel so brave.

Brave man, I am told by my leader as we go into a land as dark and sinister as any I have dreamed, yet as beautiful as can be seen. Where is this enemy I am sent to find. Who is this I am fighting and why?

Brave man, they say as I run to hold the hand of my best friend and watch as the holes in his body pour out life as surely as they pour blood. I do not feel brave. I feel only anger and sickness. As fire rains down we close in, bodies flying, unidentified and forgotten.

Shouts, unintelligible, lost in the rumble of gunfire and explosion, then a silence as thick as the jungle itself, a silence of the dead.

Brave man, they say as I step off the plane amidst the jeers of the ones who know not. Only my family there believing I have done the right thing. No one defends me. I have fought and now wish only peace. There is no peace. I relive daily the screams, the horror and deaths I helped to cause. There is no peace in the night, only nightmares.

Do not call me “Brave Man” for I am but a child, trapped forever in a world I never wished to see. I am a voice, but only one of many. Do you hear our cries?

Regrets, we have them. Would we go again? You better believe it, forever!

Just thoughts from the minds of those who have given so you can have the right to call them baby killer, friend, father, son, brother or “Brave Man”. You have this right because they chose to give up theirs for a while and bear the memories for the rest of their life.


From a brave man to all who served and the ones who respect them.



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