Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Elite feel that workers should pay into retirement but not collect it

There was an interesting interview on Bloomberg with AIG's CEO Robert Benmosche over the weekend, where the elitist banker opined that workers should now expect to not retire until they reach the age of 80.

This of course means that the average person in the US, and around the Eurozone, will be working until they simply drop dead, as the average lifespans for both continents are 78 and 81 respectively.

However, in the growing socialist states, this does not mean that workers will be able to refrain from paying into state run retirement programs such as social security or pensions, it just means that the elite expect the majority of workers to never regain that money, thus helping prop up insolvent nation states through the use of backdoor austerity.


And the 1%ers wonder why the 99% hold such disdain for them in nearly every capacity. (Note, Benmosche gave this interview from his wealthy seaside villa)


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