Friday, June 1, 2012

Bilderberg attendees discuss the killing of Ron Paul

There is one hard and fast rule in American economic politics.  No one is allowed to discuss or champion the end of the Federal Reserve or central bank.  Presidents and Congressmen who have in the past, have found themselves experiencing mysterious deaths at the hands of the power elite.

So it should come as no surprise that at this week's Bilderberg meeting in Virginia, the growing fear of Ron Paul and the End the Fed campaign has led some attendees to openly discuss how they could outright kill Congressman Ron Paul, and his supporters, through Muslim terror attacks.

Journalist Jim Tucker was onsite at Bilderberg today, and through sources who heard the discussion, passed on information from many elites on ways to take down Ron Paul over his objection to the Law of the Sea Treaty they so desperately crave.

Thanks to the alternative media, and open internet (for now), we can get information from places that were once held silent by the mainstream media.  Something former Senatory Larry MacDonald, Presidents John F. Kennedy, William KcKinley, and James Garfield could have used in their day when the powers that be took them out for wanting to go against the cental bank establishment class.


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