Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Retail sales fall at record level in January invalidating belief in economic recovery

As with any and all government reports on the economy, the devil is always in the details.  In this case, the unadjusted numbers for January's retail sales, which actually fell so much that it resulted in the largest fall in retail history.

So much for the continuing propaganda that the US economy is in recovery.

…when looking at the January headline retail sales data, which naturally was a smoothly continuous line on a Seasonally Adjusted basis, rising from $399.9 billion in December to $401.4 billion in January, something rather odd happened in the Unadjusted data set: the plunge from $459.8 billion in December to $361.4 billion in January, or -$98.5 billion in one month, was the biggest one month drop in retail sales in history. - Zerohedge

Chart courtesy of Zerohedge

Hope and change... it's worked in America for the past four years.


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