Yang Qihan wearing a fun underwear photo

Yang Qihan wearing fun underwear photos are exposed

Recently, the sexy underwear photo photos of well -known model Yang Qihan have been exposed on the Internet, which has attracted widespread attention.These pictures are full of artistic sense, showing the attractiveness and beauty of underwear.In this article, we will introduce you to the styles and characteristics of the sexy underwear worn by Yang Qihan in the photo.

Style 1: Beautiful Backing Instead

Yang Qihan wore a beautiful and sexy underwear in the photo. This underwear is characterized by showing the perfect back line of women.It is usually composed of fine shoulder straps, low -back straps and thin ribbons in the front.Such a design is sexy and breathable, especially suitable for warm seasons.

Style two: lace trousers for sex underwear

Yang Qihan’s photo also contains a set of lace trousers sexy underwear.This style of underwear has an elegant design and soft fabric, which can make the wearer feel sexy and comfortable.Therefore, it is widely used in sexy candlelight dinner and romantic appointments.

Style three: corset sexy underwear

Another sexy underwear wearing another Yang Qihan in the photo is a corset -style sexy underwear.This underwear integrates comfort and sexy.The upper line design of it is closely wrapped in the chest, which greatly enhances the chest shape, making the chest look more sexy and attractive.

Style 4: Fish.com sexy underwear

Yang Qihan also wore a fish net sexy underwear in the photo, which is usually composed of soft and transparent stockings and corsets.The design of this underwear is unique and particularly exposed. It is very popular all over the world, especially in the dance floor in the nightclub.

Style 5: Spring Spring Instead

Chiffon is a thin and translucent fabric, which is usually used to make dresses, long skirts and tops.In the field of sexy underwear, chiffon is also a very popular material.Its lightness and soft texture can bring soft and elegant visual experience.

Style 6: hollowed out sexy underwear

Hollow sexy underwear and fish net sexy underwear are very similar, and they all have a certain part of the design of the skin.But unlike fish net underwear, most of the hollow area in the hollow and sexy underwear has more natural shapes and arrangements. The design of this underwear can show the skin of the wearer.

Style 7: Net socks sex underwear

Net socks sexy underwear is a very sexy underwear style, suitable for those who are bolder to wear.Its structure is similar to socks, which can make the lever’s legs look slender and more beautiful.Because of its high degree of sexy, it is usually used in bed movements to stimulate the passion of the two.

Style 8: Half cup of sexy underwear

The half -cup of sexy underwear is another sexy underwear wearing Yang Qihan in the photo.Half -cup underwear left the white area on the top of the cup can expose more breasts, highlighting the beautiful curve of the chest.This design usually makes women look sexy and charming.

Style Nine: Stockings Sex Underwear

In the end, Yang Qihan also paired with a pair of stockings in the photo.Most of the stockings of stockings are made of soft materials, which are loved by women.The fabrics of stockings are smooth, which can shape the lines of beautiful legs, highlight the beautiful curve of women, and at the same time make the legs look longer and delicate.


In modern society, sexy underwear has become an important part of people’s lives. They can not only bring comfort and beauty to the wearers, but also enhance the more pleasant experience between each other.Yang Qihan’s sexy underwear photos allowed us to know more deeply about different erotic lingerie styles and characteristics, which will help us make a more wise choice in the later wear.

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