Will there be a reaction to wear a sexy underwear?

Will there be a reaction to wear a sexy underwear?

Wearing sex underwear brings different stimuli in visual and sensory.But will this stimulus have any impact on the body?The following is a detailed explanation of the response to wearing erotic underwear.

1. Psychological response

Wearing sexy sexy underwear will greatly improve the self -confidence of women, it feels more attractive, and it is easier to attract the attention of the opposite sex.Men will also be excited and confident because wearing an attitude that can break ordinary life.Appreciating the opposite sex of the sexy underwear will also feel appreciation and curiosity, and is more willing to approach the people around you.

2. Physiological reactions

Sex underwear can also cause physiological changes during wearing.Women wearing milk stickers or bras can improve the chest cups, change the chest shape, make the chest more upright and full, and reduce the breast shaking during exercise and protect the breast.Men wearing erotic underwear with erectile effects will make the penis stronger and powerful, and get a better sexual experience.

3. Sexual psychological treatment effect

The needs of sexy underwear can be regarded as a kind of sexual psychological treatment, especially for users with sex underwear, because it can satisfy their sexual fantasies, bring a better sexual experience, establish a better sexual attitude and attitude andSelf -esteem.

4. Sport response

Choosing the right sexy underwear can effectively protect the body during exercise.For example, wearing appropriate erotic underwear can reduce chest vibration, reduce the impact of chest tissue, and prevent breast sagging.

5. Sensory response

Some erotic underwear will make the body uncomfortable due to the imbalance of the material, which may cause skin allergies, itching and sweating.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, pay attention to the quality and breathability of the material, and choose a good ventilation material as much as possible.

6. social response

Users of sexy underwear generally have a certain confidence and sexual openness, so they perform more active and confident in social occasions, and are more likely to connect and communicate with the opposite sex.

7. Mood response

Wearing a sexy underwear can cause a mystery, excitement and unusual happiness.This feeling can make the body more relaxed and comfortable, which has a certain relief effect on relieving stress and anxiety.

8. Sexual life response

Wearing erotic underwear is conducive to improving the quality of sexual life, increasing the stimulus of sexual fantasy, stimulating sexual desire and sexual reactions, making the interest more exciting!However, we must pay attention to health and hygiene during the selection and wearing process.Choose sexy underwear suitable for your skin to avoid skin allergies. After use, you must clean and dry it to avoid breeding bacteria.

In short, wearing sexy underwear can bring a lot of joy and excitement.But under the choice, we must pay attention to quality, breathability and comfort to ensure that the body is not harmed when wearing.Enjoy the joy of sexy underwear, but also ensure health and hygiene!

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