Wife wears fun underwear 13p

Wife wears sexy underwear 13p: How to choose the right sexy underwear

As a sexy clothing, sexy underwear can enhance the interests and sexual interests between husband and wife.Many men want their wives to wear sexy underwear to bring some visual stimuli to themselves, but it is not easy to choose a suitable sexy underwear.The following will introduce you to some knowledge in this regard, helping you choose a suitable sexy underwear for your wife.

1. Understand your wife’s figure characteristics

If you want your wife to wear a sexy underwear to attract your attention, the first step is to understand her figure characteristics.Different body characteristics are suitable for sexy lingerie styles.If my wife belongs to a full -chest type, then you can choose a gathered sexy underwear to better show her chest.If the wife’s figure belongs to a thin type, you can choose a sexy sexy underwear to help her create a more perfect figure curve.

2. Buy comfortable sexy underwear

No matter how beautiful the sexy underwear is not closed or the comfort is poor, the experience will become very bad.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, you must consider the problem of comfort.Choose sexy underwear with good breathability and excellent material.In addition, selecting a loose and comfortable style can also slowly strengthen the taste between you and your wife.

3. Select styles according to age and temperament

Age and temperament are one of the factors that need to be considered when choosing sexy underwear.For women with older or more mature temperament, you can choose a more restrained, low -key, and less fancy sexy lingerie style; for young women, you can choose some more colorful and more lively fun.underwear.

4. Diverse selection of color and material

In addition to color, the material of sexy underwear is also important.Some women’s skin is more sensitive, and it is necessary to choose a soft and comfortable, not allergic material.At the same time, choose more colorful sexy underwear, let your wife change to wear, and try more different visual effects, so that you can slowly strengthen the interaction and creativity between interests and sex.

5. With other sexy clothing

Sexy underwear is often a entry point for flirting between husband and wife, and there must be no choice.If you want to make your wife more sexy and charming, you can cooperate with some sexy clothing, such as black lace shirts, red bellybands, transparent stockings, etc., making the whole match look more colorful.

6. Consider occasion and breath

When choosing a sexy underwear, you must also consider the occasions and atmosphere of wear.For some grand occasions, sexy underwear can choose some more elegant and generous, but in the usual family life, wives can choose more sexy and exciting styles to wear sexy underwear, so that marriage has more highlights outside of life.

7. Enjoy the moment of sexy underwear

Interest underwear must not be just an honor or wearing it to cope. It needs to be fully felt and needs to be infiltrated by the whole body.If you want to experience sexy underwear better, then you can think about how to make your heart and your wife’s heart proper and playful interaction, enhance the establishment of lust and senses, and truly appreciate the different meaning brought by sexual life together.

8. Channel to buy sexy underwear

In addition to some of the above points, it is also very important, that is, the channel for buying sexy underwear.There are many sexual products stores and online stores on the market that are sold in sex underwear, and the price and quality are very different.When buying, you can choose merchants with good reputation, good reputation and quality assurance. You can also go to Baidu to comment and choose a tolerant merchant.

In short, when buying sexy underwear, you must consider your wife’s figure characteristics, comfort, age and temperament, diverse selection of color and materials, with other sexy clothing, occasions and breath, etc., you need to consider all -round considerations.EssenceOnly in the case of the right style and proper combination can we better enhance the interests and sexual interests between husband and wife, and better enhance the feeling of life together.

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