Why don’t my husband like sexy underwear?

Why don’t my husband like sexy underwear?

In modern society, sexy underwear is no longer an unexpected choice.Many women like to wear sexy underwear, hoping to add self -confidence and charm to themselves in this way.However, for some men, they may not appreciate this style.If your husband doesn’t like your sexy underwear, you may be confused and disappointed.Let’s understand why my husband may not like sexy underwear.

What is the purpose of wearing sexy underwear

We need to understand the purpose of wearing erotic underwear before understanding why my husband doesn’t like sexy underwear.For some women, wearing sexy underwear can increase self -confidence and charm, make them more sexy and more attractive.At the same time, sexy underwear can also help women improve their fun and sexual interests, and better meet the needs of themselves and partners.

Views of gender differences

However, there are certain differences in men and women in view of sexy underwear.Men often pay more attention to appearance and visual stimulation, while women pay more attention to inner feelings and emotional experiences.Therefore, for women, sexy underwear may be a way of self -challenge and self -satisfaction, and for men, it may be more visual enjoyment.

Male thinks that sexy underwear is too popular

In addition, some men may think that the sexy underwear is too much, and it is not in line with the requirements of daily life.They may feel that the sexy underwear is too glittering, and they are often used only for special occasions.If your husband holds this view, then they may think that sexy underwear is not suitable for usual wear.

Misunderstanding of sexy underwear

In addition, some men may have misunderstandings about sexy underwear.They may think that wearing erotic underwear implies women’s desire and openness of sex, and even thinks that this is a manifestation of behavior and immorality.This kind of person may have the concept of gender discrimination and conservative, so it is difficult to accept women’s behavior of wearing sexy underwear.

Male shy or uncomfortable

In some cases, it may be the impression that men’s own shyness or uncomfortableness causes erotic underwear that is not suitable for them.These men may be interested in sexy underwear, or they may think that this sexy underwear style is not suitable for their own personality and temperament.

Fairy underwear style that husbands may not like

In addition, there are various styles in the sexy underwear market. From simple underwear to complex chain corsets, there are various options.However, your husband may not like the sexy lingerie style you choose, or this style does not meet his taste and aesthetic standards.

Opportunities for lack of contact

Another situation is that your husband may not like sexy underwear, just because you have not established enough communication and trust relationships.If you do not have the opportunity to contact this type of underwear, then your husband has no chance to solve the value and advantages of love lingerie.Try to communicate with your husband and let him understand the charm of love underwear.

Different preferences

Finally, we need to realize that everyone has their own preferences and preferences.Even if your husband doesn’t like sexy underwear, it does not mean that this underwear form is not good or not suitable for you.On the contrary, you can continue to pay attention to your preferences and choose underwear that you feel comfortable and confident.

in conclusion

In general, her husband does not like sexy underwear.It may be caused by the huge differences between men and women in terms of personality, aesthetics, and psychology.Therefore, as a woman, you need to be tolerant and understanding, and at the same time keep it open and firm on this issue.

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