Who is rest assured in sexy underwear and wearing a little bit more


Fun underwear is no longer a strange vocabulary for modern women, and gradually becomes an indispensable part of their lives.It can not only meet the personal needs of women, but also increase interest and fun to the life of husband and wife.However, there are too many types of erotic underwear on the market, which is dazzling, I don’t know how to choose.Here, I will introduce a few trusted sexy underwear brands to help everyone choose their own underwear easily.

brand introduction

First, introduce several representative brands.1. Aimé Leon Dore, a brand with a young style, consumers can find various styles of sexy underwear here.2. Fleur Du Mal, a sexy underwear brand introduced from the US market from Paris, with excellent quality and style.3. La Perla, one of Italy’s most popular sexy underwear brands, is known for making comfortable, fashionable and sexy sexy lingerie.

Underwear material

For the material of sexy underwear, the first thing to consider is comfort.The materials should be soft, breathable, and easy to maintain.For example, lace, silk, cotton, etc. are a good choice.In addition, materials should be compatible with the human body, and try not to choose chemical fibers that are harmful to the human body.

Style selection

Style is an important factor that needs to be considered when choosing sexy underwear.Specifically, you should consider factors such as body, personality, and occasion.Women with full figure can choose the underwear of the abdomen; women with open character can choose to see through the style; on special occasions, such as Valentine’s Day, some slightly implied sexy underwear is also a good choice.

color match

Regarding color matching, in general, the color of sexy underwear should be similar to the skin tone, so that it can better reflect the sexy and charm of the underwear.When choosing colors, pay attention to avoid the color too much, otherwise it may make people feel obtrusive.

size selection

When choosing underwear, the key is to choose the right size.If the size is inappropriate, no matter the style and quality of the underwear will make people feel uncomfortable.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, you must measure your size and choose the right underwear.

Quality Assurance

When choosing sexy underwear, quality is crucial.Good quality can not only ensure the comfort of underwear, but also allow the lingerie to have a longer service life.It is recommended that you choose well -known brands and reputable merchants to buy sexy underwear, which can better guarantee quality.

Style with

Interesting underwear must also be coordinated with your own clothes.If you are paired with sexy skirts or shorts, you can choose a brighter or perspective style; if it is paired with more conservative clothes, you can choose simple sexy underwear in the style, so that the overall clothes style is coordinated.

Price factor

The price factors of sexy underwear also need to be considered.Compared to ordinary underwear, the price of sexy underwear is often higher.Therefore, according to your own economic ability, you should choose a sexy underwear with suitable prices, excellent quality, and style suitable for your own.

Disinfection and maintenance

After use, sexy underwear needs to be disinfected and maintained to keep it clean and hygienic.It is best to choose cotton or strong underwear, which can facilitate daily cleaning and disinfection.Wash the underwear with a laundry bag to avoid using bleach water, dry cleaning agent and exposure to cleaning underwear.

in conclusion

To choose a suitable sexy underwear, you need to consider many factors, such as brands, materials, styles, colors, size, quality, price, disinfection and maintenance, and so on.I hope this article can help everyone choose love underwear better.The ultimate suggestion is to choose the one that suits you and not be controlled by others’ choices.

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