Where should I wear sexy underwear?

The concept of sexy underwear

Interest underwear refers to a more sexy and interesting underwear. Its design often borrows many elements that are regarded as "taboos", such as lace, stockings, perspective, etc.On the one hand, wearing sexy underwear can enhance the interests and sexual desires between husband and wife, and on the other hand, it can also enhance women’s self -confidence.

Wear ordinary daily occasions

In fact, in daily life, it is completely possible to wear sexy underwear, especially in the summer, good breathability, you can wear some styles of thin shoulder strap Show chest lines.

Romantic dating field together

In romantic dating, wearing sexy sexy underwear can instantly improve the temperament and make you more attractive.Choose a pink sexy lingerie style to look better.

Marriage, honeymoon occasion

Choosing a set of sexy sexy underwear is one of the best choices for brides when they get married and honeymoon.This will not only make you more beautiful and moving on the wedding night, but also leave a beautiful and romantic memory for this marriage.

Falling party occasion

Sexual parties are a kind of activity that most couples and couples like to participate. Wearing sexy sexy underwear is a necessary equipment for this occasion.You can choose to pair with a sexy black boots, which is even more trendy.

Hot summer wear

In the summer, you can not only wear umbilical clothes, tube top skirts, etc., but also sexy sexy underwear.It has breathable and relieves the effect of summer air, and can also make your body and temperament be manifested.

In the bedroom fun

In the bedroom, sexy erotic underwear is an essential element that makes the emotions of both sides even better.You can choose a soft and delicate lace style to enhance the interest atmosphere.

Precautions for pregnant women

Pregnant women should pay attention to the size when wearing sexy underwear. This needs to understand the specific product description and material selection. Choose the appropriate sexy lingerie style of pregnant women to avoid any unnecessary harm.

Traditional holiday occasions wear

In some traditional festivals, wearing sexy sexy underwear has also become a more popular fashion.For example, on the New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day and other festivals, you can put on pink and red color matching lingerie to enhance the ritual and romantic atmosphere of this festival.

Sports Place & SPA Place wearing

It is generally not suitable for sexy sexy underwear in sports places and SPA places, because this will make the eyes of others too concentrated on themselves and seem disrespectful.Therefore, it is a better choice to choose some simple and comfortable underwear styles.

Unsuitable occasions

Under normal circumstances, at the formal business meetings, solemn banquets, family and friends and family gatherings, etc., it is not suitable for wearing sexy sexy underwear.This will cause people to have the feeling of disrespectful occasions, disrespect for others, and disrespect. Be sure to pay attention to the atmosphere of the occasion that you need to meet the occasion of the occasion.


In general, the wearing occasions of sexy underwear mainly depends on their own mood, the requirements of the occasion, and the season.You must choose the style, material and size that suits you, and pay attention to the atmosphere and requirements of the occasion to meet the occasion of the occasion, so as to wear confidence, temperament and charm to achieve better results.

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