Where is the supply of sex underwear?


Interest underwear is a necessary choice for modern women to create sexy and charming images.However, due to the particularity of the industry, the source of sources is difficult to determine, which has also brought great challenges to the shop owner who is urgently needed.This article will provide you with a way where there are fun and lingerie sources.

Domestic wholesale market

There are many domestic markets that are mainly wholesale trade, such as the silk market and the clothing market.Similarly, there are some markets that sell sexy underwear.These markets are complete, there are many varieties, and relatively low wholesale prices, so it is one of the first choice for many erotic underwear owners.

Online wholesale platform

With the rise of online shopping, online wholesale platforms have become the choice of more and more merchants.For example, on platforms such as Alibaba, JD.com, Pinduoduo, there are many sexy underwear suppliers, and the price is relatively low.

Official brand authorization agent

Some sex lingerie brands officially authorize some agents to sell their products.These agents have a certain strength, stable supply, and reliable quality, so they are also one of the choices for sexy underwear stores.

Overseas wholesale market

With the increase in overseas exchanges, more and more merchants choose to go to the overseas wholesale market to buy sexy underwear.These markets are rich in supply, reliable quality, and relatively low prices.It should be noted that overseas purchase requires payment tariffs and international freight, and cost and capital planning must be done before purchasing.

Domestic agent

Some domestic agents agencies to act as an overseas erotic lingerie brand, with guaranteed quality, and the price is relatively low.This is the choice of many erotic underwear owners.

Factory direct purchase

Some sexy underwear factories will accept small batch ordering, with guaranteed quality, and the price is relatively low.It should be noted that the factory’s direct purchase requires certain resources and capabilities.

Cross -border e -commerce platform

Cross -border e -commerce platforms, such as Xiaodhh Shu, AliExpress and other platforms, there are many shops of sexy underwear brands and suppliers.The supply is complete, the price is relatively low, and the credibility is high.

Overseas brand official website

Some overseas sex lingerie brands provide global direct mail services, reliable quality, and relatively good after -sales service.It should be noted that international freight and tariffs are needed.

social media

There are many official accounts of sexy underwear brands and suppliers on social media, which will release the latest product information and sales details.At the same time, before buying, you can contact the seller through social media private messages, which is more convenient to communicate.

in conclusion

I believe that through this article, everyone has understood the way where there is a source of interesting underwear.Different channels have different characteristics. Choosing a method that suits you can improve the efficiency and quality of procurement.

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