Where does Japan sell sexy underwear?

Introduction to Japanese sex lingerie market

Japan’s interest culture is very developed, so interest underwear, as part of it, has also received widespread attention.Japan’s sexy underwear market is known for its unique design, high -quality materials and rich choices.

Japanese sex lingerie brand introduction

In the process of looking for sexy underwear, it is a good start to understand Japanese sexy underwear brands.Some well -known brands include BACI, Lizlyn, Queen of Darkness, etc.

Introduction to Japanese sex lingerie retailers

There are many erotic lingerie retailers in Japan, including many online stores, such as Amazon, Sky, Zozo and so on.In addition, there are many physical stores that can provide real shopping experience.

Japanese sexy underwear design style

The design style of Japanese sex underwear is very unique, and usually pays attention to the beautiful and sexy body curve of women.It also combines some traditional Japanese cultural elements, such as kimono and so on.

Japanese sex lingerie style selection

When buying Japanese sexy underwear, you will find that there are many different styles to choose from.Some of them will be more suitable for specific figures and styles, so it is very important to consider your needs before buying.

Japanese erotic underwear size issues

When buying sexy underwear, the size problem may be annoying.The size of different brands may be different, so it is very important to measure your body size before shopping.

Selection of Japanese sexy underwear materials

It is also important to choose the material that suits you, because comfortable materials can make you feel happy and relaxed.Some common materials include cotton, silk, chemical fiber and so on.

The price range of Japanese sex lingerie

The price of Japanese sex lingerie depends on many factors such as brands, materials and styles.Generally, the price ranges from 1,000 yen to tens of thousands of yen.

Suggestions for the purchase of Japanese sex lingerie

If you want to buy Japanese sexy underwear, it is recommended to browse online stores first to compare the price and choice.If you need to try it on, you can go to the physical store to buy.


The design, materials and choices of Japanese sex lingerie are very rich.If you want to buy high -quality sexy underwear, it is worth considering Japanese brands and retailers.

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