Where can I sell sexy underwear in Dalian

Where can I sell sexy underwear in Dalian

If you want to buy sex and sexy underwear, where can I buy it?In Dalian, you can choose a variety of purchase methods, from shopping malls to online shopping.Here are several different ways to buy, and provide suggestions for buying sexy underwear.

1. Buy in a shopping mall

If you like to try on underwear on the spot, the shopping mall is a good choice.In the shopping malls in Dalian, there are underwear stores such as Wanda, Taiyuan Street Shopping Center, and Expo Plaza. They may provide a variety of different sexy underwear, including various sizes, styles and colors.

Purchase suggestion: It is recommended to choose a larger shopping center so that you will have more choices.Pay attention to choosing good quality brands to avoid problems in quality.

2. Buy on the Internet

Today, more and more people choose to buy sexy underwear on the Internet.Search for the keyword "sexy underwear" on Taobao and other B2Cs (merchants to customers) to find a lot of options.

Purchase suggestions: Make sure you buy it with a good reputation and evaluate sellers, and learn about the return and replacement policy before ordered.It is best to buy well -known brands so that you can ensure that your purchase is guaranteed.

3. Buy in sexy shops

In Dalian, you can find many sexual products stores that provide various sexy underwear.It should be easy to find one of them, because they usually post various obvious pornographic advertisements.

Suggestion: Make sure you buy it at the officially registered merchant, so that you can determine that the products you buy are safe and legal.You can ask the clerk’s suggestions on various sexy lingerie and choose a style that suits you.

4. Buy in brand stores

In Dalian, there are also many brand stores, such as Aimer, Victoria’s Secret.These specialty stores are more rich and quality assurance provided by these specialty stores.

Buy suggestion: Choose a brand with good reputation and high quality so that you can be sure that the sexy underwear you buy is excellent.If you can seize various sales promotions or special activities, it will be more cost -effective.

5. Buy through online sex lingerie platform

In addition to Taobao, there are many specialized online erotic lingerie platforms, such as Ai Shang and Bonas.These platforms provide a variety of different styles, prices and brand sexy underwear.

Buy suggestion: Select well -known and reputable platforms to buy so that you can rest assured that your purchase experience.Generally speaking, the return and replacement policy on the platform are more flexible, you can look at the relevant policies.

6. Customized sexy underwear

If your size is special or you have a certain design needs, you can meet your needs by customizing sex underwear.The customized services provided by some merchants include your choice of fabrics, design styles, or engraving the name on the underwear.

Buy suggestion: Choose regular merchants and brands so that you can be sure that your custom erotic underwear is excellent.Remember to fully communicate with the merchants so that they can understand your needs.

7. Visit the small shop in Dalian

In some small shops in Dalian, you may find some hand -made sexy underwear.Although your choice may be limited, you will find some very special styles and designs.

Buy suggestion: Choose a well -represented merchant and handmade brands so that the quality of sexy underwear you buy is guaranteed.Check the evaluation and scores on the merchants and platforms carefully before ordering.

8. Seek suggestions from other women

If you are not sure which sexy underwear should you choose, you can seek advice from the women or friends around you.They may give you some useful suggestions: brand, size, style, and so on.

Purchase suggestion: Evaluation with confidence friends and reading related women’s websites, so that you can understand the quality and other consumer experience.Before choosing, make sure you understand your body and needs.

9. Buy from overseas

Buying overseas sex lingerie may require more time and spending, but you will find more choices and brands.Buy from Amazon and other large e -commerce platforms, or buy directly from overseas brands.

Purchase suggestions: Make sure you buy it with a good reputation and evaluate sellers to understand the replacement and return policy.Pay attention to the possible cost, such as freight and overseas taxes.

10. Buy from different channels

In order to get more choices and experience, you can buy sexy underwear from different channels.You can buy it from the store, online and online platforms.

Buy suggestion: Select platforms and businesses with good reputation and excellent quality.Before buying, carefully understand information such as brands, sizes, materials, and refund policies.This can better protect your rights.


If you want to find the most suitable sex underwear, you don’t have to buy on the same channel.If you have enough purchase experience, you can buy from different channels to get better quality and price.In addition, it is important to understand your body and needs, so you can choose better in many styles and brands.

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