What’s the name of sexy underwear in ancient times

What’s the name of sexy underwear in ancient times


Although modern sexy underwear is called a more trendy fashion, it actually has a long history and cultural background.In ancient times, sexy underwear was often called "gams", "demon clothes" or "windbreaker". In this article, we will explore the origin and significance of sexy underwear in ancient times.


The origin of sexy underwear can be traced back to ancient China. At that time, the sexy underwear was not just to pursue beauty and sexy, but more for sacrifice and bones, which belonged to a part of etiquette and customs.According to the Confucian classic "Book of Rites", women in the Zhou Dynasty needed to wear "demon clothes" embroidered with moles or dragon patterns when sacrificing the gods to show their devout faith.


In ancient times, sexy underwear was not only aesthetic and sexy for women, but also a symbol of identity, status and culture.In the Tang Dynasty, prostitutes needed to wear exquisite "gorgeous clothes" when dressing, symbolizing their status and identity in society.In addition, some ancient literati and scholars often use "sexy underwear" as a freehand theme to show their cultural literacy and artistic accomplishment.


The materials of ancient erotic underwear are very rich, including silk, fluff, linen, brocade and other materials and textures.During the Ming and Qing dynasties, the court women’s "鸾 而 而" used high -quality brocade and high -end gauze, which was made of handmade, and the structure was quite complicated.


In ancient times, interest underwear pursued the style of "enchanting", "pretty", and "grace", and paved personality and temperament through the decoration of details.For example, the Tang Dynasty’s "neon feathers" and the "dark red socks" in the Song Dynasty were representative works known for their tender, sexy and pretty style.

cultural background

Another important cultural background in ancient sex underwear is the influence of Taoism and Confucian culture.For example, the "Dao Robe" of the Ming Dynasty and the "neon feathers" during the Tang and Song dynasties were related to Taoist mythology and Confucianism. Therefore, these interesting underwear played an extremely important role in ancient culture.

folk customs

In addition to the use of sexy underwear in the court and literati, some ancient folk customs also have the use of erotic underwear.For example, in the Qingming season, some places will wear "butterfly jackets" and "flowers under the flowers" to express their nostalgia and remembrance for their loved ones; in addition, some wedding and wedding activities will also wear sexy lingerie to symbolize the marriage of newcomers after marriage.Happiness.


With the evolution of the times and the progress of society, sexy underwear has gradually transformed from the symbol of etiquette and religion to a means of self -expression and aesthetics for women.Modern sex lingerie is not limited to traditional red and pink, but also becomes more and more diverse and innovative, helping women to release themselves and show their personality.

Today’s sexy underwear

Today, sexy underwear has become a popular fashion trend.From Europe and the United States to Japan, from Shanghai to Beijing, there are many styles and types of sexy underwear, including suspenders, lace underwear, tulle pajamas, etc., allowing women to release themselves in their aesthetic and sexy aspects.

Look forward to

As a form of cultural and fashionable expression, sexy underwear is currently showing a vigorous development trend.In the future, the design and production of sexy underwear will be more intelligent and scientific. While ensuring comfort and quality, it can provide more innovative design and styles, making women more "beautiful and moving."

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