What’s the name of sexy underwear?

What’s the name of sexy underwear?


Interesting underwear is a new "trendy underwear" that has risen in recent years. It advocates "mysterious", "sexy", and "fashion", which has attracted the attention of many young women.At the same time, there are many other names of sexy underwear. This article will introduce all kinds of other names of sexy underwear.

Name 1: Sexy underwear

Sexy underwear is one of the most popular sexy underwear. It is an underwear used to emphasize the creation of a "sexy" atmosphere.Usually, it is also hung with the body underwear.

Name 2: Mad underwear

Another sexual underwear is called "teasing underwear". It is usually used to describe the more seductive effect and can attract the attention of others.

Name 3: Sexy Set

Some sexy underwear products are composed of multiple underwear, which is called a sexy suit at this time.

Name 4: Temptation corset

The style of the underwear is also different. The temptation of the corset is a kind of underwear that focuses on highlighting cleavage and chest shape, which is usually used to make more teasing effects.

Name 5: Interesting lace underwear

Interest lace underwear uses lace fabrics, with a soft and beautiful texture, can create a softer and elegant effect, and is very suitable for creating a romantic and warm atmosphere.

Name 6: Lace underwear

Lace underwear is a kind of underwear that focuses on details. The design pays special attention to the use of lace. This underwear creates a delicate and retro feeling, which is very suitable for women who pay attention to details.

Name 7: Fun Swimsuit

Interesting swimwear is also within the category of sexy underwear, and has become more and more popular in recent years.Sex swimwear focuses on comprehensive design in many aspects such as design, shape, color, etc., which can create a more fashionable effect.

Name 8: suspender underwear

Strait underwear is a relatively common sexy underwear. It usually uses silk, lace and other materials to create, with a soft, comfortable, and sexy effect.

Name 9: bellyband

The bellyband originated in ancient China. It was originally a decoration, but later improved and evolved into a sexy sexy underwear.The manufacturing material of the bellyband is generally soft material such as silk, lace, etc. It can highlight the abdominal lines and make the abdomen more soft and sexy.

Name 10: Influence

The last sexy underwear is called "sex sculpture". It is a kind of underwear that focuses on shaping effects. It is mainly used to modify the female figure and make the figure more attractive.

in conclusion

There are many names for sex underwear, and each other has different characteristics and charm.From sexy underwear, teasing underwear to lace underwear, and sex swimsuit, each can bring joy and confidence to women, and also reflects modern women’s self -pursuit of inner and external.

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