What will I write in sexy underwear express?

What will I write in sexy underwear express?

As a product with specific demand, sexy underwear is usually not marked directly on the courier list.The specific situation is as follows.

Diverse forms of delivery and courier orders

The express delivery delivery of sexy underwear usually provides two forms of express orders. One is the standard courier order. Only the basic information such as the sender, the recipient’s information and the name of the courier company, and the number of the courier company.In addition, there is a privacy courier list that usually does not display any product name or advertising information on it. It will only marked information related to logistics distribution and improves user privacy protection.

Commodity information is usually not marked directly

For sexy lingerie products, logistics distributioners usually do not marked product information directly on the courier orders, so as not to expose the product type information purchased by users.In some cases, the labeled product names will not be easily replaced by vocabulary that is not directly understood or popularized in the knowledge base of people, thereby avoiding the leakage of the name of the product name.

Use simple description of keywords

Compared with traditional adult toy products, sexy lingerie products are more privacy. The products are usually not described in words such as "sex".Describe keywords of the core function.

Privacy packaging

Products usually use completely privacy packaging boxes or bags to distribute.In particular, some sexy underwear will add specific secret signs or slogans to the packaging to distinguish the packaging method of conventional underwear.

Size information

Size is one of the important parameters of sexy underwear.Express orders usually label sizes information to facilitate consumers check the product parameters.The size is described only by simple representations such as "S", "M", "L" and other letters or numbers.

Color information

Some sexy underwear products provide multiple options in terms of color.For this situation, the color information of the user purchased on the courier list will also be marked.Colors are usually briefly described in Chinese or English words.

After -sales service information

After -sales service guarantee for sexy lingerie products is the same as other products.Express lists will marked information such as service telephones, returns and exchange processes.The time period of analysis and problem solving will also be marked on the courier list.

Safety -related signs

In order to ensure the safety and privacy of users, some sexy underwear products will add specific security signs in express delivery, such as "18+" and other logos to remind courier staff to handle and ensure the safety of user items.


For enterprises and individual customers who are inconvenient to disclose the delivery address, the logistics company and personal customers who buy sexy underwear accessories, the logistics company of sexy underwear usually cooperates with the user to implement a given courier process, time and distribution requirements.The labeling of the courier order will only be the easiest to mark contacts and telephone information.


There are many insurance measures in the logistics distribution of sexy underwear to maximize the privacy and security of users.When buying sexy underwear, consumers can buy with confidence to avoid community pressure and embarrassment, and protect personal privacy.

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