What should I do if my boyfriend keeps buying me sexy underwear?

Boyfriend to send sexy underwear is an expression of love

Boyfriend to send sex underwear is a very special gift. Unlike ordinary Valentine’s Day gifts or birthday gifts, it conveys a deep love of her boyfriend to girlfriend.My boyfriend sent a sexy lingerie, in fact telling my girlfriend: "I love you, I long for you, I want you to make you more beautiful and attractive."

Should accept

If your boyfriend gives you sex underwear, then you should accept it.You have to understand that this is not his opinion of any dissatisfaction with you or in your appearance.On the contrary, this is the manifestation that he wants to make you more confident and self -esteem.

Wear sex underwear in front of his interview

Wearing a sexy underwear in front of his interview to show him your fashionable and vibrant side.You can try on different styles of sexy underwear in front of his interview to let him appreciate your beauty and charm.

Do not show bored with your boyfriend’s gift

If you are tired or dismissive of your boyfriend’s sexy underwear, then he will be hurt and disappointed you.Therefore, you need to be grateful to his gifts, and establish a closer relationship and communication with him in this way.

Understand your size and style, choose the right style

If my boyfriend wants to give you a suitable sexy underwear, then he needs to understand your size and your favorite style.Brands and styles are also factor that you need to consider.In this case, I suggest you tell him your size in advance, the style and brand you like, which will help him make better choices.

Try new styles and colors

If you have never wearing a sexy underwear, then you can try new styles and colors to express your charm and vitality.Sex underwear can have different design styles. From simple basic models to gorgeous noble models, each model has its specific characteristics and attractiveness.Let your boyfriend know that you want to try different options, which will give him more choices.

Taste different material texture

The material of sexy underwear is also very important.When choosing sexy underwear, pay attention to materials and texture.Different fabrics can give people different touch and appearance.Your boyfriend needs to understand your preferences and personality, to choose the most suitable style, so that you can feel the most comfortable.

When involving privacy issues, communicate

If you feel that sexy underwear involves your privacy, then you need to communicate with your boyfriend so that he knows your thoughts and concerns.You can discuss this problem together and find a solution to rest assured that your boyfriend knows your boundaries.

Strengthen trust and intimacy

Wearing a sexy underwear is a very personal thing, which is related to the fact that you have never worn sex underwear.If your boyfriend chooses a sexy underwear for you, you should know that he is trusting you and is willing to establish a more intimate and personal relationship with you.This will strengthen your trust and intimacy.


It is a very special thing for a boyfriend to send sexy underwear, representing the deep feelings between her boyfriend.Accept this gift and enjoy the experience of wearing sex underwear with your boyfriend, which will make your relationship more intimate and stable.

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