What kind of movies are interesting sheets


Movies and sexy underwear are the two major entertainment fields that can evoke people’s desires. In movies, they can often see actors wearing various styles of sexy underwear.So, what are the sexy underwear in these movies?Let’s discuss one by one.

50 shadow series

The 50 shadow series is an erotic movie that has attracted much attention in recent years. It tells the love between the heroine played by An Asta Steel and the actor played by Karim Ada Bashistory.In the movie, the heroine wore a variety of sexy underwear scenes frequently, and there are no sexy shots. Among them, the most classic scene is the picture of the heroine wearing a black silk mandala’s sexy underwear.

Big mouth

Big mouth is a criminal thriller movie. The heroine Rebecca Roseto plays an investigation reporter. She wore a variety of sexual erotic lingerie in the film.The most famous scene is that the heroine wears red lace underwear and black stockings in an interview, making many audiences crazy.

American School: Spring Holiday

American faction: Spring vacation is a comedy movie that is unbearable. The heroine is wearing a variety of sexy lingerie in it. Among them, the most classic scene is the scene where the heroine wears students’ uniforms and sexy underwear in high -altitude umbrellas. ThisA scene made all male audiences unable to hold the inside excitement.

Arizona Dream

It tells a absurd criminal story. The heroine in the film is gentle and sexy, and she wears a variety of styles of sexy lingerie, especially she is wearing exquisite black hollowed outwear, leaving a deep impression.


In the thriller movie OldBoy directed by Hugo Gaiwen, the sexy performance of the heroine Lou Aila wearing the black silk erotic underwear is impressive.Although the content of the film is more violent, Lou Aila wore a sexy underwear, but it looks gentle and sexy.

Transformers series

The heroine of the Transformers series is sexy and strong, wearing a variety of sexy lingerie.Among them, the most sharp plot is that she is wearing a bright red corset, which is even more eye -catching in the scene where the villain "Tiantian Tiger" appears.

Dedicated temptation

The fatal temptation tells the story of a black relationship and conspiracy. The heroine Salon Stone is obsessed with the actor. In the film, there are more than ten times in the scene of sexy underwear. Each scene makes people want to stop.

Infernal Affairs Series

The Infernal Affairs series tells the contradictions and entanglements of two people with different identities between the police and the gangsters. Among them, there is a scene of Li Xiangqin wearing a black silk underwear to wait for the man to wait for the man.

Movie "Wolverine 2"

The heroine in the movie "Wolverine 2" Ryan Rennez is wearing a variety of sexy lingerie in various styles. The most exciting scene is the picture that she wore black silk underwear and the actor on the balconyEssence


In the movie listed above, the heroine’s sexy underwear is sometimes charming, sometimes expensive, and sometimes sexy, which not only let the audience linger, but also let all women see sexy charm.The design and style of sexy underwear are becoming more and more diversified. The body in the movie shows its personality and strength, and also allows us to understand and comprehensively understand the understanding of sexy underwear.

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