What is the sexy underwear in ancient times

What is the sexy underwear in ancient times?

Interest underwear is a kind of underwear that can enhance sexual life, but such underwear is not common in China in the past.In ancient times, is there any interesting underwear?If so, what does it look like?

1. Ancient sexy underwear

Ancient sexy underwear is completely different from modern sexy underwear.They are mainly used for modification, not satisfying sexual needs.The underwear wearing the ancient women is mainly cheongsam, gown and skirts. These clothing is designed to experience beauty rather than sexy.

2. Shape the figure

In the past, people used various methods to change the shape of the body.Different from today’s body -shaping clothes, ancient people used tight beam belts and chest straps. They were mainly used to shape women’s waistlines and chests, which made them look thinner.

3. Silk underwear

In ancient China, silk was a unique material, which was used to make very valuable clothing, such as feathers, gold silk and silver silk clothing.During different wars, wearing silk clothing has become the representative of clothing.Affected by silk, the underwear of ancient women is also mainly silk.

4. Details decoration

Ancient underwear design focuses on decoration, so there are often exquisite decorations of various details.Many underwear have embroidery or silver and golden line embroidery, and some even lace and lace.

5. Color underwear

The colored styles of underwear worn by ancient women are very rich. There are many colors such as red, purple, blue, green, and black to choose from. Different colors represent different meanings.

6. Fold underwear

In the Tang Dynasty, there was a very special erotic underwear called "fold underwear."This underwear is made of three layers of silk, with wrinkles on the cuffs and hem, which can increase the charm of women after putting on.

7. Red clothes

In ancient times, underwear with red as the main color was very popular in the wedding ceremony.This is because in traditional culture, red represents Xianghe, festive and prosperous, and wearing red clothes can bring good luck to newcomers.

8. Rabbit wool underwear

During the Qing Dynasty in China, rabbit wool underwear was considered a special luxury.People believe that the fiber of rabbit hair can increase blood circulation and effectively prevent colds.


Although there was no concept of sexy underwear in ancient times, the ancient underwear design has laid a lot of foundation.The underwear of ancient women pays attention to detail decoration, rich colors and different materials, which also provide a lot of inspiration for modern merchants, and laid the foundation in sexy culture.

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