What is the name of sexy underwear show

Introduction to sex underwear show

Interesting underwear is a unique underwear. Its design style is mainly sexy temptation. It is usually made of various materials stitching, hollowed out and other technologies to show the curve and beauty of women’s bodies.There are also many types of sexy underwear. In recent years, sexy underwear programs have gradually become popular in China. Here are some names of sexy underwear shows.

Victoria’s Underwear Show

Victoria’s Underwear Show is one of the most influential underwear fashion shows in the world, which attracts the attention of various fields every year.The sexy underwear display in Victoria’s Underwear Show is also very colorful, especially the shape and steps of the supermodels, which will interpret the sexy underwear to the fullest.

Sexy hot dance performance

In addition to underwear display, sexy hot dances are also very common in sexy underwear shows. Hot dance performances are usually matched with music. Dancers wearing all kinds of erotic underwear show their unique charm.

Sexy underwear fashion show

Sexy underwear fashion shows are usually sponsored by clothing designers or underwear brands. They will choose the most popular sexy underwear in the season as the display content, allowing the audience to understand the latest trend design style and beautiful female posture.

Sexy underwear catwalk competition

The sexy underwear catwalk competition is a relatively novel form of sexy underwear show. Participants will put on their own sexy underwear and use elements such as performance and musical instrument to show their charm.The competition will also invite some famous models and stars to review and perform.

Sexy underwear fashion week

Sexy underwear Fashion Week is usually a regular event held every year. It covers various styles and types of sexy underwear, and also invites professional buyers and media people from all over the world to participate.Interesting underwear Fashion Week is also an excellent platform for displaying brand strength and industry trends.

Sexy underwear party

The sexy underwear party is usually organized by sexy underwear brands, nightclubs or other related companies. It is a program that combines various forms such as gatherings, performances, competitions and display.Participants must put on their sexiest sexy underwear to show themselves, and bands, DJs and personal performances are also one of the performances.

Sexy underwear fashion design contest

The sex lingerie design competition aims to creatively express the beauty and personality of sexy underwear. At the same time, it is also a high -end event in the underwear fashion industry.All the participating competitions must show their own design, creativity and craftsmanship, and finally choose the most popular erotic underwear design master.

Fun underwear Exhibition

The Info Underwear Exhibition is a business sales activity. Participants are all sellers, wholesalers, dealers and brand representatives from the underwear industry.At the exhibition, participants can communicate with relevant companies, understand the latest market trends, and get the best business opportunities.

Sexy underwear model show

Fun underwear model show is a program form that combines sexy underwear and model skills. Participants must show their own steps and temperament.The sexy underwear model show is usually relatively small, and it is a boutique activity for internal pedestrians.


The appearance of sexy underwear shows is to broaden the form of underwear fashion. While showing beauty, it creates cross -cultural interpersonal communication and business cooperation.For the audience, sexy underwear shows are not only an art that appreciates visual beauty, but also an important window to understand and expand sexy underwear culture.

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