What fabric is sexy underwear?

What fabric is sex underwear?

Sex underwear has attracted much attention since its appearance, because it is not only creative in design, but also fully reflects conscience in the selection of materials.So what fabric is sex underwear?

1. Silk fabric

One of the most common fabrics in sexy underwear is silk.The texture of this fabric is soft and smooth, and the breathability is also very good, which is very suitable for putting on the body.It will make the wearer more charming and touching.It is also often made into many styles, such as air, small breasts, etc.

Second, lace fabric

Lace is one of the most popular and common fabrics in sexy underwear.The complicated structure can bring people a sense of luxury and visual enjoyment.Lace underwear can also increase sexuality, making the wearer feel more comfortable and confident.Lace fabrics are generally made of polyester fiber, nylon or vinegar fiber, which can bring the essence and hot feeling of the wearer.

Third, leather and PU leather fabric

Leather and PU leather are one of the most widely used materials in sexy underwear and one of the most distinctive materials.This material is unique and is one of the most commonly used fabrics for sexy lingerie clothing.It often appears on leather skirts, uniforms and bra, and has a unique texture, which makes people unable to resist their temptation.

Fourth, cotton fabric

Cotton fabric is one of the sexy underwear materials. This kind of fabric has the characteristics of soft, comfortable, and breathable, making it more comfortable to wear, and it is not easy to cause allergies.In addition, cotton materials also have good sweat absorption and softness, especially applicable to sensitive skin users.

Fifth, artificial silk fabric

Artificial silk fabric is one of our closest fabrics in sex underwear.It can be any material. When artificial silk is used for sexy underwear, it usually changes fiber or plastic to the shape and luster of the silk.

6. Why don’t you use hard fabrics for sex underwear fabrics?

Interest underwear usually does not use hard fabrics. This is because sex underwear focuses on wearing feelings and requires skin -friendly and elasticity. Hard fabric cannot meet these requirements.The design of sexy underwear needs to consider the comfort of each personal place. Therefore, soft and light fabrics are the best choices.

7. How to distinguish the quality of sexy underwear?

The quality of the fabrics of good quality of the quality of the quality will not be bad.The quality of the fabrics used in common sexy underwear on the market is very high, such as: silk, lace, wine and spinning.When buying sexy underwear, you can start with the fabric’s sensation, elasticity, texture, etc., and judge the quality of sexy underwear by touching, observing and trying penetration.

Eight, sex lingerie cloth maintenance methods

Selection of high -quality fabrics in sex underwear is not only comfortable when wearing, but also does not require much effort in maintenance.Generally speaking, choosing the washing mode suitable for fabrics and a mild detergent to avoid too intense mechanical frictions to ensure the quality of the fabric of sex underwear.

in conclusion:

The fabric of sexy underwear is not only beautiful, but more importantly, wearing feelings.Each fabric has its own characteristics. When choosing, you can choose according to personal preferences and needs.In any case, quality and maintenance are important factor that cannot be ignored in sexy lingerie fabrics.

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