What are the disposable products of sexy underwear?

What are the disposable products of sexy underwear?

1. One -time sex panties

One -time erotic underwear is a convenient and sanitary underwear choice, suitable for sex activities or during travel.This underwear is usually made of light soft cotton, fiber and other materials, and has the characteristics of softness, comfort and breathability.Because you can only wear it once, you don’t need to worry about cleaning the problem.This sexy underwear is very easy to carry and easy to use.

2. Displicable chest sticker

One -time chest stickers are a feminine sticker for enhancing naked back, low -cut or other sexy wearing.This chest sticker is usually made of soft glue material. It can be pasted on the breast, providing slight support, and enhancing the curve of women’s breasts.Disposable chests have a variety of shapes and sizes, so that women can choose the product that suits them best.

3. Disposal eye mask in sex set

One -time eye mask in the fun set can enhance the sex experience.This eye mask is usually made of soft materials, which can easily cover the eyes to prevent light from invading light.Interesting eye masks are usually used in combination with other erotic supplies to enhance women’s perception of touch and sound, and help women enter a state of relaxation and unrestrained.

4. One -time condom

It is very important to use a disposable condom for sex activities or sexual relationships with strangers.This can protect yourself and the other party from sexual transmission of diseases, and can also avoid unnecessary pregnancy.One -time condoms are usually made of rubber or polyurethane and other materials, with different sizes and thickness, so they can meet people with different needs.

5. disposable milk sticker

Disposable milk stickers can help women enhance the curve and shape of the chest.This sticker is usually made of soft materials. It can be pasted around the breast, covering some breasts, and creating a natural chest curve.Disposable milk stickers have various sizes and shapes, which can adapt to different chest types and wear needs.

6. One -time sex facial mask

One -mesh facial mask is a product that enhances the fun experience.This mask is usually made of natural ingredients, which can provide women with a sense of surprise and excitement.Use a disposable mask to promote blood circulation and soothing the skin, while helping women enter a more relaxed and unconstrained state.

7. One -time sex gloves

One -time sex gloves can add some sanitary protection in sex activities.These gloves are usually made of breathable materials, which can avoid direct skin contact during sex.This can reducing the risk of infection and spreading diseases to a certain extent, and increase the feeling of respecting each other.

8. disposable underwear hood

One -time underwear hood is suitable for public places, fitness activities or traveling during travel.This underwear hood is usually made of lightweight soft cotton or fiber, which can completely cover the chest.One -time underwear hood is convenient and comfortable, and can provide women with additional protection and security.

9. One -time sex sticker

One -mesh -fun sticker is a product that enhances the sex experience.This sticker is usually attached to different positions in the body to enhance the visual effect.Sex stickers are usually made of soft materials, which can comfortably fit the surface of the body.There are all kinds of shapes and themes in one -mesh interest sticker, which is suitable for different interest needs.

10. One -time sex tooth cushion

One -time sex tooth pads can improve hygiene protection during oral sex.This tooth cushion is usually made of convenient and easy -to -use materials. It can be placed between the upper and lower jaws to keep the oral cleaning and protection.Many sex tooth cushions have a variety of flavors and aromas, which can add more pleasant feeling to oral sex.


The above are some common one -time sex products.Choosing the right product can improve the satisfaction of the interesting experience and protect yourself from avoiding unnecessary risks.However, it should be noted that these products are only used for single use, and do not reuse or share them with others.

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